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Released: c. 2005
Director: Ringo
Notes: Italy, Boss Film

Courtesy Len801:

  • A young slim blonde, with white T-shirt and orange mini-skirt approaches "Gabriele" (Gabriel Montoya) who is sleeping on a blanket under a tree in a park. She has her hair in pony tails, and apparently trying to pass off younger than she is, and has medium size breasts.... Did not see any piercings or tattoo on her body. She is speaking in an Eastern-European language and asks him (Montoya answers in Italian) where is Francesca? He tells her that Francesca is not there right now (the loud music and outdoor noises drown out what they are saying exactly. He greets her by saying Lisa or Elisa (can't make out). He starts fondling her and soon they are having sex (anal; she jerks him off on her open mouth while some photographer behind the camera is busily snapping photos. Boss Film probably could not afford better microphones and more silent digital cameras). As soon as Montoya comes, he practically kicks her away saying she is a tramp. He obviously seems to have a high opinion of the women he screws.
  • Montoya returns home to find his son (Luca Milano) screwing his blonde girlfriend in his bedroom. Montoya spies on them from the open doorway. She is a slim blonde, also in ponytails (or rather has a couple of large dark clips holding her hair on the sides) and wearing a violet outfit and panties. She also sports a shaved pussy with a small blonde patch above her pussy. I did not see any piercings or tattoos. She is slightly better looking than the first girl, and her breasts are a little smaller. In doggie, the young man comes all over her ass, but tells her to stay still as he is going to go get something to wipe the sperm off her ass. This gives Montoya the opportunity to sneak in the room and screw the girl. Even when she becomes aware it's her boyfriend's father, she has no objection and lets herself be screwed and sodomized by Montoya, who jerks off in her open mouth. I think at a certain moment the boyfriend calls her "Jenny" or "Jennifer" but I can't be sure. The young man leaves in disgust, while the young girl is happy to stay with Montoya.
  • Montoya is sitting on a bench in a park, and is approached by his nephew "Luca" (Luca Bazooka) with his foreign cousin "Asia" (Asia Blondi). Montoya tells her he can use her (he seems to be some kind of pimp). Montoya puts his hands on her thighs and she bolts off and she gives a BJ to Bazooka in a car. She energetically jerks him off over her face but there is very little cum.
  • Having failed to ensnare "Asia" , Montoya meets up with Angelika and takes her to a park (they lie down on same blanket as in scene #1 (anal, he jerks off on her face and open mouth).

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