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Released: 2008
Director: Roberto Valtueña
Notes: Spain, Thagson, Razorback Propduction
Alternate Titles
  • Dog World
  • Un Monde de chien
  • Welt der Köter

Full cast credits for parts 1 and 2 together:

  • Salma de Nora
  • Dunia Montenegro
  • Lesly Kiss
  • Mick Blue
  • Remigio Zampa (plays the prison governor)
  • Enric Golmayo
  • Melissa Black
  • Joakim Kessef
  • Dora Venter
  • Sarah Twain
  • Sophie Evans
  • Priva
  • Priscila Prats
  • Diana Doll
  • Steve Holmes
  • Ian Scott
  • Roberto Chivas
  • Simeon Valtueña
  • Francisco Lopez
  • Paco Roca
  • Oliver Sanchez
  • Natalia Z
  • Sandra G
  • Anneke
  • Nando Rico
  • Lady Mai
  • Nick Moreno
  • Robby Blake
  • Samuel Soler
  • Joaquin Marin
  • Barbara Vamp
  • Irina
  • Heidi
  • Ana Ros
  • Joel Acosta
  • Rolly Reefes
  • Eduardo Romo
  • Pere Burrull
  • Sara May
  • Jenny One
  • Marta Sanchez Sales
  • Leila Caballe Collado
  • Jolanta Makselon
  • Carmen Marin Perez
  • Sonia Carbo


  • Troy "El Perro"
  • Tere "La Boa"
  • Pedro Fernandez
  • David Rovira
  • Javier Diaz
  • Sandra Torres
  • Nacho de Salvador
  • Tatiana Arboleda
  • Noly Ruiz
  • Marisol Valtueña
  • Elisenda Romera
  • Jose Ignacio de Salvador
  • Juan M. Perez
  • Juma Charlez
  • Pablo Sotelino
  • Marian
  • Iria Rovira
Video on Demand (Stream)  4.99 - 7.99 GBP Strictly Broadband: Dog World Thagson
Video on Demand (Download)  9.99 EUR Orgazmik: Dog World Thagson
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