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< Moni und Lisa, die sextollen Schwestern

Released: 1979
Notes: An untitled version included in Danish Schoolgirls 5 is 56 mins. An untitled version included in Teenagers 4 (VICOM) is 59 mins. Another untitled version is 1 hr 29 mins..

Males -

  • Sascha Atzenbeck
  • Mario Pollack

Filmed in Mallorca.

beutelwolf (13/1/08)

This can be found (untitled) in two compilations. There are two radically different versions, with different dialogues (as far as there are dialogues), dubbing speakers and person constellations. Basically no version repeats a scene from the other one (with maybe the exception of the pickup sequence at the tennis court).

Vicom Teenagers 4: 0:59:09 runtime

Summary: long scene on boat, brief parallel scene on beach, long threesome in living room with SA, brief sex scene with MP and XNK; no terrace sequence, SA in almost all scenes SA with SE & BM, MP with XNK. MP & SA drink beer and have discussion on villa terrace, SE & BM play tennis, are picked up by SA, lengthy threesome on boat (SA, SE, BM), after some time intermezzo with MP (in scuba suit) having sex on rocky beach with XNK1148; back to SA, SE & BM: continue threesome on boat, arrive at villa and continue threesome in living room of villa.

Danish Schoolgirls 5: 0:55:43 runtime

Summary: long scene on terrace and in pool, very long threesome in living room, brief parallel and concluding sex scene with XNK; no boat sequence, MP in almost all scenes MP with SE & BM and XNK, SA with XNK. MP & SA drink beer and have discussion on villa terrace, SE & BM play tennis, are photographed and picked up by SA (much longer scene), arrive at villa, are introduced to MP (then exit SA), lesbian sex on terrace, threesome MP, SE & BM, some swimming in pool, more threesome, even more threesome in living room (brief intermezzo; SA photographs and picks up XNK1148 in town), continue threesome, after some time parallel scene of SA being returned to villa and having sex on sofa with XNK1148; threesome continues quite a while even after SA's cumshot; after some comic relief finally XNK1148 masturbates and then has sex with MP.


Additional information (16/7/08).


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