< Ta Modela tis Idonis

Released: 1984
Director: Vangelis Fournistakis as Angel Fournis
Notes: Greece, Andromeda International Films, c. 62 mins. English translation: "The Models of Lust".
Alternate Titles
  • Anomala Modela DVD available title (only on the boxcover) of the recent DVD release by Lolita Video vol. 5. English Translation: "Abnormal Models"
  • Passional Fotomodel cover title of the original VHS corresponding to the one of its international release (West German distributor)

The quite accurate opening on-screen credits include all of the cast (the four females, credited under the names Caterina Spati, Vanessa Damigou, Monica Danou and Ajita Wilson, plus two of the males, credited as Van Flynn and Vasilis Cristou), with the exception of Notis Pitsilos, the only one not to take part in the sex scenes. Some few uncredited non-sex performers are also featured in insignificant parts of the film. The production company “Andromeda International Films” is spelled as “Adromeda”.

On the boxcover of the original Greek VHS (which corresponds to the one of its international release – by some West German distributor in Hamburg - under the title Passional Fotomodel), the names of the performers are spelled as Kathrine Spathi, Vanessa Damigou, Van Flin, Bill Christou, Monica Danou, Agida Wilson, and Notis Pitsilos is also credited.

The title’s recent re-release in DVD by Lolita Video was evidently copied from a bad quality videotape, hence the very poor picture.

Males –

  • Herbie Hofer, as Van Flynn (and Van Flin on the VHS boxcover), plays Stefanos
  • Vassilis Christou, as Vasilis Cristou (and Bill Christou on the VHS boxcover), plays Vassilis
  • Notis Pitsilos, uncredited (but credited on the VHS boxcover), plays Notis, non-sex

Plot Summary –

Stefanos and Notis are two free-lance photographers and partners, having problems with their business. Stefanos is more pre-occupied in having sex with his girlfriend Elena, to the dismay of Notis, who thinks that Stefanos should rather use his qualities of a ladies' charmer and stud to lure young girls to sexy modelling, thus profiting their common business. Both guys wander around in Athens searching for young sexy girls eager to model, and it’s not surprising that Stefanos manages to convince the curious Anna to take part in a photo shoot. On the occasion of a first photo session in his apartment, in the presence of Elena, Anna is introduced to the other side of modelling, spying on the couple’s inevitable fucking and frenetically masturbating. Further on, Stefanos finally succeeds in doing Anna in their next private photo shoot. Elena, tired of Stefanos’ adventures, states that she is no longer willing to serve him as a “fuck object” to exhaust his attraction to other female models. Stefanos, on the contrary, is very much aroused by the whole situation, going as far as to suggest an orgy involving both ladies. Meanwhile, sexy Irina, on vacation in Santorini, phones Notis and requests the services of Stefanos for some very provocative (porn) photo shoot, provided that he is ready to work in the island. Mysteriously, Irina receives a phone call from (her old friend!) Elena, asking for a “favour”. Later on, Stefanos photographs Irina and her boyfriend Vassilis having sex and soon joins in. Vassilis, demanding to get paid, is soon kicked out of the villa and Irina shares a brief fling with Stefanos. While making love, Irina makes a phone call to Elena, leaving the phone open so that Elena will easily convince Anna of their common lover’s incurable infidelity. Upon his return back home, Stefanos discovers a note by Elena, informing him of her decision to abandon him and leave for Europe with Anna! He is also requested to quit her apartment asap! Shocked by the unexpected turn of things, but mostly by the insult to his machismo and the loss of two “great lays”, Stefanos seeks comfort from Notis. The latter consoles him immediately, by informing him of the recent contract he has managed to make: a porn shoot involving “African beauty” Ajita. Stefanos’ male pride is rehabilitated. Having kept in mind Irina’s eagerness to fuck any time with him, Stefanos invites her and Vassilis for the next shooting with Ajita. The film ends with the inevitable orgy involving all four of them.

Description of the sex scenes –

  1. Vanessa Ozdanic and Herbie Hofer in their apartment (hard pounding in missionary position; cumshot not shown, but probably inside her pussy).
  2. Vanessa Ozdanic and Herbie Hofer in their apartment (French kissing; tit sucking; he gets a handjob; long 69; blowjob; energetic riding in cowgirl and standing missionary positions; he cums on her belly and pussy, gets a handjob, sticks it back in her pussy, rubbing simultaneously his cum all over her pussy) watched by Monica Dimitriou (caresses herself; takes a dildo & rubs her tits, mouth and pussy).
  3. Monica Dimitriou and Herbie Hofer in his apartment after a photo shoot (blowjob; deep throating; hard pounding in doggie and missionary positions; he cums on her belly and gets a handjob shortly after).
  4. Orgy scene between Monica Dimitriou, Vanessa Ozdanic and Herbie Hofer in their apartment (Monica blowjobs Hofer, French-kissed by Ozdanic; Hofer fucks Monica hard in cowgirl [while getting his balls caressed by Ozdanic] and doggie positions; Ozdanic watches and rubs her clit; Hofer cums on her ass and French-kisses Ozdanic).
  5. Brief scene between Katerina Spathi and Vassilis Christou in their villa in Santorini (cowgirl position; no cumshot). A left-over scene from some other film?
  6. Herbie Hofer takes photos of Katerina Spathi screwing with Vassilis Christou in their villa in Santorini (fast and hard fucking in cowgirl position; he cums on her buttocks).
  7. Katerina Spathi and Herbie Hofer on a blue towel on some pebbled beach in Santorini (heavy foreplay; French-kissing; blow-job; 69; brief fuck in reverse cowgirl position, abruptly cut). This scene was probably shot at the same time as respective scenes in Markidis’s Anomali Erotes sti Santorini, being probably a left-over.
  8. Katerina Spathi and Herbie Hofer in their villa in Santorini, actually a kind of “phone-sex scene”, as Vanessa Ozdanic and Monica Dimitriou are listening through the open phone (pussy licking; he sticks one, then two fingers in her pussy; brief fucking in standing doggie position; blowjob; a quite acrobatic doggie fucking; he fucks her mouth while she fingers herself; pussy licking; fucking in standing missionary position; he cums on her belly while she masturbates him with both hands!)
  9. Final orgy scene (in some other apartment in Athens): Ajita Wilson, Katerina Spathi and Vassilis Christou photographed by Herbie Hofer. Christou gets a blowjob from Spathi, while caressed by Ajita, then is blown by Ajita herself and eventually by the two ladies at the same time. Then, Hofer joins in getting a blowjob from Katerina Spathi, while Vassilis Christou is blown by Ajita. While Ajita blows Hofer, Katerina Spathi puts some vaseline on Vassilis Christou’s dick, rubs it all over and gets a severe anal pounding in doggie position. Christou comes on her nicely-shaven arsehole and cunt, while Hofer cums on Ajita’s tits. End.

Some remarks –

This film is one of the first films (if not, the first ever) directed – under a very allusive pseudonym – by Vangelis Fournistakis, one of the most versatile figures of Greek Erotica. Initially a sound assistant and then the guy in charge of the music in many (soft?) sex films of the 1970s, Fournistakis turned himself progressively to script writing, eventually becoming the executive producer of the Andromeda International Films company, which produced the big majority of the late 1970s/early 1980s “international” erotic films directed by Ilias Milonakos. This company was still active in the 1980s; apart from producing some local films, it must have probably been “involved” in the international distribution of all the hardcore titles of the Olympus Films productions, directed by Stratos Markidis (under the pseudonym “Thanassis Mikhaïlidis”).

Shot at the same time (i.e. during the summer 1983, as can clearly be seen in a wall calendar) as its twin film Ke to proto Pinelo, with which it shares a lot of footage, the film also uses material originating evidently from the shooting of Markidis’s Anomali Erotes sti Santorini! Actually the movie is “segmented” into two parts, the first one consisting of original material shot in Athens, the second part having been shot mainly in Santorini. However, these island scenes seem rather “new” ones (or left-overs: check out the famous non-sex disco scene) and were probably shot at that same time, with a view to include them in some other films. The use of Markidis’s (?) material in this film is, in our opinion, largely due to Fournistakis’s “secret involvement” in the former’s hardcore films of that time. The relations between the “traditional” directors of Greek Erotica and Porn (Efstratiadis; Milonakos; Fournistakis; Markidis; Hartomatzidis etc., Tegopoulos being a case apart) are no secret. Sharing a common past in the beginning of their career (as young promising talents in the major studios of the flourishing - until the early 1970s - local cinema business), they all turned themselves to directing first soft and then hardcore porn in the 1970s and 1980s, returned to mainstream cinema around the mid 1980s producing straight-to-video “stupid comedies for the whole family” and have been working since the 1990s exclusively as TV producers and directors of serials for several powerful and wealthy private Greek channels. In our opinion, Fournistakis and Markidis have probably worked together in Santorini with a certain cast and shot as many scenes as possible, aiming to make use of them through skilful editing in more than one title, the Greek audience being very greedy for “new hard” stuff at that time…

Fournistakis eventually became one of Greece’s most active directors of video comedies between the mid and the late 1980s. In the great majority of them, Austrian performer Herbie Hofer was featured in minor acting roles under his real name, something that had never or rarely happened in his appearances in porn movies! The fact that Hofer did appear in most of these productions, at a time where he kept on performing in porn films in Italy (in the third and last part of his vagabond porn “career”, marked by an initial Italian phase in the early 1980s and a Greek intermezzo around 1983), only proves the solid amicable relationships between the two guys.

Despite (or because?) of Fournistakis’s experience as a script writer of many erotic films, the weakness of this brief film’s scenario is very noteworthy. Exploring a rather commonplace subject (the allegations and rumours about the sex life of girls engaged into modelling) in a quite naïve way, this film’s bad editing only makes things even worse: why should Anna be surprised at Elena’s jealousy and willingness to take part in an orgy, when the two women have previously met on the occasion of Anna’s first photo shoot and where she had even masturbated while openly watching Elena’s coupling with Stefanos? How on earth did the two ladies get romantically “involved” and why wasn’t such a theme explored (e.g. in a lesbian scene)? How did Elena find out about Stefanos’ visit to Irina in Santorini on “business”? It’s an even greater pity, because the roles were nicely distributed, with a convincing age difference between the more “mature” Ozdanic and Hofer and the younger looking Dimitriou. And no one could have ever imagined a more appropriate performer for the slutty role of Irina than Katerina Spathi. Ajita Wilson is, of course, as dull as ever, even in this very brief role (where she doesn’t get fucked)… Moreover, all the performers were seemingly enjoying themselves (and probably engaged into some heavy dirty talking; in how many languages by the way?), unfortunately ruined by the usual silly dubbing.

Last but not least, once again in a Greek porn film the girls are depicted as “whores”: they rarely wear any clothes at all and are interested just in getting sex. And the only one (Elena) to complain about Hofer’s cheating on her with other ladies does so because she hates sharing him sexually (not emotionally) with the others. That’s how she decides to get revenge on him by stealing and running away with his most recent conquest. As for the guys, the main centre of interest, they only live to fuck! Even the only one, who, as usual, gets no sex (Pitsilos), can’t complain at all: if not peeping for once, he is only happy to eat well and make money at his friend’s and partner’s (fuck) expense…

Skatschko, 14/7/08


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