< Mayfair: The Private Practice R18 DVD available

Released: 2005
Director: Viv Thomas
Notes: 2 hrs 5 mins

Opening credits begin with receptionist (Judith Fox) answering a phone call at the Posh Hospital.

Doctor (Frank Major) eyes up nurse (Sandra Shine). The nurse turns around and slaps him in the face.

Patient (Jim Grossman) calls in at reception. In the waiting room student (Stella Stevens) is waiting for her turn to be seen by the doctor. Patient Mr Grossman goes to see the male doctor. He has problems with his penis. The doctor walks out and tells the nurse to see him instead.

Nurse (Mya Diamond) dressed in white stockings, white heels and suspenders walks in to give the patient a check up. Before you know it the sexy nurse gets horny and begins to give him oral sex. She then gets taken from behind being bent over the hospital bed. Patient fingers the nurse as he licks her pussy. Nurse begins to loosen her clothes as most of them start to come off. Patient takes the nurse in missionary position. They change positions as this time the nurse rides the patient and her long flowing dark hair is loose. He comes over her bum in the climax of the scene.

Student Stella is seen by female Doctor (Sandy). Stella is worried about getting pregnant and wants a check up. Doctor Sandy wastes no time in checking her patient out as she strips the student out of her clothes and deep kisses Stella. Doctor begins to lick her pussy and fingers Stella. Doctor herself strips out of her outfit just keeping her pink knickers on. Stella soon has them down to give her the same treatment she just received from the doc. Doctor gets to sit on Stella's face as she licks away pleasuring the horny doc.

Meanwhile male doctor Major is looking through a copy of Mayfair magazine. He comes across a page of a sexy big breasted model (Suzanne). He visualises her as a nurse as we then see her dressed in a nurse's uniform in a day dream sequence. Seductively our dream nurse licks her fingers, rubs her breasts and unzips her uniform as she teases in her white lingerie. The lingerie comes off and the naked dream nurse pleasures herself on the bed rubbing her pussy. She begins to pleasure away with a sexy toy.

The doctor's dream comes to an end when a sexy maid (Tera Bond) walks in on him playing with his dick. He is embarrassed and tries to explain himself. She apologises for walking in. The doc invites her in and she begins to suck on his penis. The maid is bent over the desk and fingered and then the doctor penetrates her from behind. At this point the sexy maid is still in her uniform wearing her black stockings and heels too. Her maid outfit is removed and the doctor begins to lick her out and begins to penetrate her front on facing her flat over the desk. The scene ends in a small facial. The doctor asks her not to forget to clean his desk.

Nurse Mya walks into a room were nurse Sandra is doing up a bed. They begin to kiss and feel each other. Mya is stripped out of her outfit first. She is bent over the bed as Sandra rubs her pussy from behind and kisses her neck and back in a seductive manor. Sandra strips out of her outfit and begins to lick out Mya also fingering her pussy in the process. Sandra puts on a strap-on and penetrates Mya over the bed. Both women are wearing white stockings and suspenders. The strap-on is removed and this time Mya finds another sex toy to give Sandra some pleasure as well. Both women kiss at the end of the scene.

The receptionist answers a call and a female patient (Vera) is called in to see nurse Sandy. Vera has a small dildo stuck in her pussy which is causing her discomfort when she walks. Sandy removes the object and begins to deep kiss Vera. Randy doctor Sandy sucks on Vera's nipples and licks out her pussy. Sandy gets naked and Vera gets her turn to suck on the doc's pert breasts. Vera is fingered on the bed as Sandy sticks a finger in the bum making Vera groan. The two ladies get frisky and Vera feels up Sandy who gets her turn to get fingered and licked out by her petite patient at the end of this scene.

Receptionist Judith walks into Doctor Major's room while he is on the phone. She raises her black skirt and removes her white panties. She is wearing white pantyhose style stockings and heels with a white blouse. She sits on the doctor's desk as he licks her out and fingers her. The doctor penetrates her hard on the desk, holding her legs. He pulls out his penis and puts it in her mouth as he receives a quick blowjob. The teasing receptionist is bent over the desk and penetrated hard from behind by the doctor. She is then penetrated hard sideways over the desk as the scene gets more and more intense. The doctor shoots his load over her face.



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