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Released: 2005
Director: John Walton & Andrew Youngman
Notes: 21Sextury.com Productions

All scenes are solo masturbation scenes of Sophie Moone.

Scene 1: Wiccan Magic

On a hot summer's day, sexy Hungarian blond Sophie Moone walks by some old ruins and stops at the building. She is wearing a red top, denim shorts, very lightly tinted glasses and no panties. She begins by touching herself up, and pulls down her top to her stomach to reveal her boobs. Her hands go inside her shorts were she starts to play with her crotch. The scene cuts away with Sophie's shorts already removed and we see Sophie with her backside facing the camera while she plays with her pussy. Sophie turns around and continues to play with her pussy, at this point she starts to moan as she fingers herself. She licks her fingers and packs her clothes in the bag and walks off to another part of the ruins. She pulls out her clothes, lays them on the grass and sits on them and begins to play with her pussy again. Sophie is in bare feet. She pulls out a pink vibrator and begins to masturbate with it. When Sophie is done she gives out a sexy smile to the camera.

Scene 2: Princess in Pink

Sophie is seated on a white double-seater chair in a large garden. She is wearing a pink see through blouse and short white skirt. Sophie begins with some slow teasing as she touches her breasts. She opens up her blouse and we are given a close up of Sophie's silver belly button stud as she plays with her boobs. Her hands move down to her pussy where she is wearing no panties. Sophie comes out of her clothes and continues to play with herself. She has one leg on the chair and is wearing white-strapped platform shoes. She gets up from the chair and turns around to play with herself again with her lovely backside facing the camera once more. Sophie gets hold of a blue vibrator and begins to masturbate with this. She masturbates in various positions and moans as she speeds up the hand action.

Scene 3: Sophie's Present

This time Sophie is wearing a blue-and-white top with the logo CIAO 1, a light blue short skirt and sexy blue heels with straps going around her leg. If you like panties then forget it because Sophie left them at home again. Sophie begins with some slow teasing and bends over to reveal her pussy. Her top is pulled down and off as she plays with her breasts. Up goes her skirt as she sits on a chair in yet another outdoor setting. The skirt is removed and Sophie plays with her pussy. Sophie gets a long blue dildo and begins to masturbate with it. She does this sitting down and standing up and pushes the dildo up as far as it can go. As Sophie sits back down she pulls out a small white vibrator and begins to pleasure herself with this at the same time using the blue dildo as well. Sophie brings herself to some satisfaction and chews on the blue dildo to show how much she enjoyed that.

Scene 4: Sensual Snooker

This time the setting is indoors and Sophie is having a game of snooker by herself. She is wearing a black & pink top. Also a pair of sexy pink tight trousers to show off her lovely rounded backside. She plays one shot and is happy and smiles at the camera. She begins to lick the snooker cue, kissing and caressing it. The snooker cue is soon placed between her legs as she rubs herself over it in a very sexy way. When she is done teasing with the cue she begins to peel off her clothes slowly, playing with her breasts and pussy in the process, no panties on view again. She climbs on to the snooker table on all her fours. She is wearing black heels with straps on her feet. Sophie starts to finger herself. The pink vibrator returns for this scene as she sucks on it. The vibrator is soon placed where it should be as Sophie begins to pleasure herself with it on the table. Sophie is soon satisfied and is all smiles as she sits on the table.

Scene 5: Black Lingerie

The setting is a posh-looking room and Sophie is dressed in a black chemise, black panties and black strapless heels. Sophie begins with a slow tease as always showing off the best parts of her body in her sexy lingerie. Sophie removes the top first and begins to play with herself putting her hands down her panties as she sits on the couch. Her heels are off and she is in bare feet at this point and playing with her pussy with her panties still on. The panties come off and Sophie fingers herself, she gets down to using both her hands and all her fingers to masturbate with. Her naked rear view is on display as she plays with herself on the couch. Yet more fingering follows as Sophie's back is now resting on the couch.

Scene 6: Private Striptease

Sophie enters an empty pole dancing bar. She is in black lingerie again, plus black stockings and black strapless heels. Sophie doesn't waste any time and begins a sensual pole dance routine. Sophie removes her black panties. She continues with her routine and in the process rubs her pussy as she dances around. Sophie finds a red vibrator and begins to masturbate with it while standing at the pole. She masturbates in various standing positions to give the camera a nice overall view of her sexy figure.

Scene 7: Chocolate

Sophie walks out into a garden in her pink top, pink short skirt, pink panties and pink open toe heels. Sophie rubs her pink panties and has her skirt off pretty quickly. She sits on the garden chair swing and pulls down her top and plays with her boobs, rubbing her panties at the same time. Soon enough her pussy is on view as she begins to rub herself with her panties still on. She fingers herself for a little while and then removes her panties. The position is changed as Sophie kneels on the swinging chair and plays with her pussy. Out comes a chocolate coloured dildo and Sophie is sucking on it as if she was giving it a BJ. She teases as she looks at the camera, with her fingers wrapped around the dildo. When she is done giving the dildo a good sucking she plants it in her pussy and is soon away in full flow. As she masturbates with the dildo her red painted toe nails and her sexy pink heels are on display. Sophie Moone at her best when playing with toys!

Scene 8: Enjoying Anal

Once again Sophie is outdoors in a garden. Sophie is wearing a dyed pink and red top, short denim skirt and no panties. She soon has her skirt raised up and starts playing with her pussy while her backside is facing the camera. Her legs as ever looking shapely in the red open-toe strapped heels. Her top is removed first and she gives her breasts a good squeeze. The skirt soon follows and it's off in a flash as Sophie is left standing naked. Sophie teases by putting her hands over her legs and bum. Her fingers soon start to rub her pussy and her bum. Sophie gets her pink painted finger nails in her pussy as she pleasures herself. A little shiny blue vibrator which Sophie licks and sucks is inserted in to her pussy, she follows that up by giving herself anal with it.

Running time: 2 hours and 41 mins

No regional codes


Video on Demand (Stream)  9.95 USD Gamelink: My Dear Sophie Moone 21Sextury
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