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Released: 1980
Director: Gérard Kikoine
Notes: 85 minutes, Blue One DVD with Greta, Monika et Suzelle. The Italian video has a couple of scenes missing.
Alternate Titles
  • Bordel pour femmes
  • Hot Babes
  • Hot Babies DVD available West Germany, Beate Uhse/Videorama, Tabu DVD
  • Momenti caldi di una golosona

Males -

  • Guy Royer plays the private detective
  • Dominique Saint Clair (Gil Lagardère) plays Yvan, one of the male prostitutes
  • Dominique Irissou plays the boyfriend
  • Guy Berardan plays Patrick

Jane Baker (Eva) runs a male brothel and one day her limousine runs down Laure (Sandrine Pernelle). She takes her in and there is a lesbian scene. It later turns out that the girl has run away from home after seeing her mother (Elisabeth Buré) having sex with her daughter's boyfriend. Elisabeth Buré hires a private detective to look for her. He traces her to Jane Baker's establishment and gets himself employed there undercover. Jane has a female secretary/assistant (Valerie Martin's) and together they 'audition' him, as they have done to other male members of staff. One of the gigolos has sex with the runaway in that same old basement room at the same old pinball machine. Elisabeth Buré has sex with the private detective over his office desk.

The brothel seems to specialise in arranging for female fantasies to be fulfilled. By arrangement, Nicole Segaud is pretend-raped by two of the men while on a roof and a gang bang is arranged for another female client (Linda Dull).

Eventually the mother and the detective confront Jane Baker and mother and daughter are reconciled.

Judging by a fragment which remains at the end, this film seems to have been distributed by Beate Uhse in Germany, though I have the Italian version.

Prophilo adds from his own viewing and from La Saison Cinematographique 1981 -

Laure finds her boyfriend with her mother and leaves home quite shocked. After a car accident, she encounters Eva who takes her home. In fact, Eva runs the Women's Club, a brothel for rich ladies and from now on her main job is to keep Laure away from her stallions. Laure's mother hires a detective to find her daughter (and, by the way, pays with her charms!). The detective finds the girl by becoming a member of the club's staff. Mother and daughter eventually fall into each other's arms. Note a nice scene on the roofs of Paris between a brunette (Nicole Segaud) and two stallions dressed as chimney sweeps. Full of fantasies usual in porn cinema, but this time led by women with submissive males (and no S/M!). A very good one as far as I can remember.

DVD  22.99 EUR Orgazmik: Hot Babies Tabu Film
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