< Les Mille et une perversions de Félicia DVD available

Released: 1975
Director: Max Pecas
Notes: stars Mary Mendum aka Rebecca Brooke (iafd). The soft version is on a Spanish DVD.
Alternate Titles
  • 1001 Perversions of Felicia European English title
  • A Clockwork Nympho UK
  • La cuginette inglese DVD available Italy
  • Felicia 1976 DVD available USA, Video-X-Pix
  • Felicia Lolita Perverse France, Antares video release

The soft core version may be quite a bit different.

Male cast -

  • Jean Roche (aka Claude Dupont?) plays Paul
  • Roland Charbaux
  • Christophe Alberola
  • Stéphane Maury

One of the males seems to be the lad who was seduced by the young Joelle (Béatrice Harnois) in Le Sexe qui parle.

One of the party guests has the character name Pierre.

The blonde student of Paul's is called Bridget and is probably Nicole Daudet.

Felicia comes to stay with Gabrielle and Paul. She is a petulant adolesecent who seduces everyone she encounters, including two models, Eva Khris and Marlène Myller, who are being photographed by Gabrielle. Paul resists, but eventually succumbs. On discovering this Gabrielle is at first upset then joins in.

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DVD  19.95 USD Gamelink: Felicia Video X Pix
   24.99 EUR Orgazmik: Felicia Video-X-Pix
Video on Demand (Stream)  9.95 USD Gamelink: Felicia Video X Pix
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