< La Maison des mille et un plaisirs DVD available

Released: 1984
Director: Michel Lemoine as Michel Leblanc
Notes: Alpha France DVD with Marilyn mon amour and Le Retour de Marilyn
Alternate Titles
  • 100000 geile Nächte West Germany
  • L'Alcova dei mille piaceri Italy
  • Das Haus der 1000 Freuden West Germany
  • House of 1001 Pleasures
  • La Maison des 1001 Plaisirs
  • Marilyn - Das Haus der 1000 Freuden DVD available Herzog

Credited performers

  • Olinka Hardiman plays Claudine
  • Dominique Saint Claire, as Dominique St. Clair, plays Madame Blanche
  • André Kay plays Albert
  • Gabriel Pontello plays Parzival
  • Lisa (possibly Diane Suresne, who plays a brunette prostitute, possibly with the character name Francoise)
  • Alban Ceray plays a customer (Maurice)
  • John Oury plays a customer
  • Marianne Aubert, as Marion Sicard, plays Suzette, a prostiute

Other performers -

  • Laura Clair, uncredited, plays a prostitute
  • Jacky Arnal, uncredited, plays Mario
  • Gérard Grégory, uncredited, plays a customer, one of the twins
  • Eric Vienne, uncredited, plays a customer, one of the twins
  • Pjotr Stanislas, uncredited, plays a customer in fainl orgy
  • XNK0318 - black prostitute
  • XNK0319 - prostitute, mousey blonde curly hair, possibly with the character name Francoise, resembles chantal Trobert

One of the participants in the final orgy is a trans-sexual.

Olinka is forced by circumstance to become a prostitute at a brothel run by Dominique Saint Claire with the help of Gabriel Pontello. He keeps the girls fit by drilling them through floor exercises and taking them on runs. The girl who comes last is taken anally on the massage table. Marianne Aubert deliberately comes last. Olinka falls for a young client, André Kay, and runs off with him, but not before there is a massive orgy to celebrate her introduction to the establishment.

DVD  23.99 EUR Orgazmik: Marilyn - Das Haus der 1000 Freuden (La maison des milles et un plaisir) Herzog Video
Video on Demand (Download)  7.99 EUR Orgazmik: Marilyn - Das Haus der 1000 Freuden (La maison des milles et un plaisir) Herzog Video
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