< Mes Nuits avec Alice, Pénélope, Arnold, Maude et Richard DVD available

Released: 1976
Director: Michel Berny as Michel Barni
Notes: Blue One DVD, 1 hr 15 mins., with Les Hôtesses du sexe and Délires porno
Alternate Titles
  • The Kinky Ladies of Bourbon Street DVD available USA, Arrow 1 hr 23 mins.
  • Mes Nuits avec Alice, Pénélope, Arnold, Maude et les autres
  • My Nights with Alice, Penelope, Arnold, Maud and Richard

'un film de' Frédéric Lansac (Claude Mulot), presumably the producer.

A black female who discovers Charlene and her husband, the 'Idi Amin' figure is uncredited.

Males -

  • Brendan Reed plays Arnold, the chauffeur
  • Jacques Conti plays Richard
  • Carmelo Petix plays Maître d'hôtel
  • black male 'Idi Amin' scene with Charlene
  • Richard Lemieuvre, uncredited, hotel guest scene with Alice
  • Jean-Louis Vattier, uncredited, in office with Pénélope
  • Daniel Trabert, uncredited, in office with Pénélope
  • Cyril Val, uncredited, in studio with Pénélope
  • Charlie Schreiner, uncredited, in studio with Pénélope
  • Jacques Insermini, uncredited, plays a refuse collector
  • Jacques Gatteau, uncredited, plays a refuse collector
  • 2 unidentified males conducting a survey, one may be Patrick Lyonnet
  • 2 unidentified males - refuse collectors

Dressed in widow's weeds, Maude visits the graves of three girls and their ghosts command her to play with herself. In an extended flashback she visits the three girls in hospital. They have all been caught behaving promiscuously and attempted suicide - Charlene, an air hostess, is caught by his wife with an Idi Amin figure in the toilets, Alice, a chambermaid, is watched by the hotel manager, Carmelo Petix, with hotel guest Richard Lemieuvre while Lemieuvre's wife is in the adjoining bathroom, and Pénélope, a singer, has sex with several males in what seems to be a recording studio. Maude takes them in to her house which is decorated with sculpted penises of all sizes and drawings of vertical smiles on the doors. There she is served by a general factotum called Arnold who has a permanent erection. They indulge themselves sexually with each other and with any males who happen to visit and make a pact to commit suicide, if and when, in sexually gratifying style. Alice is first to do this. She leaves an orgy with two young men who have called conducting a questionnaire survey and goes to an outhouse. There she dildoes herself into a literally explosive frenzy with a lighted stick of dynamite. Then Pénélope, who has become reconciled to former boyfriend Richard, finds him being buggered by Maude's strap-on while he in turn takes Charlene from behind. Pénélope goes out nearly naked into the dawn light to suck off four refuse collectors and die among the bins, face covered in cum. Charlene tries to back out of the pact and flees the house, but is caught by Arnold who, in the words of Maude, shows her 'how to die joyously' on his permanent hard-on. Out of the flashback and back to the graves, Maude says that she will be next, but the ghosts demand that she live and teach others how to die. We then see her return as an old woman in the same Rolls driven by a permanently young as well as permanently hard Arnold and the crosses have now covered the field.

Very seventies, very wierd, but very sexy.

This film is not La Grande Baise.

See also here.

DVD  23.00 GBP SimplyPornDVD: Kinky Ladies Of Bourbon Street
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