< Lust-Injektion - Eine Spritze der Lust

Released: c. 1979
Director: Andreas Katsimitsulias
Notes: West Germany / Greece, Atelier-Film, c. 81 mins.
Alternate Titles
  • Enesis Pathus
  • Injection of Passion English translation of the Greek title, assuming 'Enesis' is meant to be 'Enessis'.
  • La Libidine e il piacere Italy, probably has fake credits

The Italian release has the following (mostly) fake opening performers' credits: Tellis Stalone, Ewa Stausemberg, Katerina Spati, Giovanna Papas.

Besides Gambier and Levi, six more (uncredited) females do appear in this film, some of them probably having an EGAFD entry.

Males -

  • Telis Stallone as Tellis Stalone
  • Nikos Kokkinos, uncredited
  • Four more uncredited males, most of them probably Greeks who also appear in European Sex Vacation.

Some remarks -

This nice film constitutes a special case of "joint" West German and Greek production (following the example of the 1978 film 5 Girls heiss wie Lava). It is a (West) German financed production, shot in Greece around 1979-1980 by Greek (but Germany-based) director Andreas Katsimitsoulias, starring an international female cast (Gambier, Levi, but also many Germans among the uncredited and maybe one or two unknown Greek girls) and a (probably) all-Greek male cast (featuring well-known guys, like Telis Stallone and Nikos Kokkinos, along with some other unknowns).

For some time this was thought to be a Greek film under the title Enesis Pathus, which could be seen together with the Italian one (but both of them, just before the German original one!) in its Italian video release. (It is assumed that 'Enesis' is a mis-spelling of 'Enessis'.) However, in one scene of the 1984 Greek porn film Floyeres Ellinides (where the protagonist Alexis Metaxas passes in front of a porn cinema downtown Athens), we are given the opportunity of a closer look at the original poster of the film, which actually has the title Lust-Injection. Eine Spritze der Lust, proving that it was in that title that the film was projected and distributed even in Greece (although one can't completely exclude the joint use of the Greek title). That also explains why the title has remained practically unknown in Greece (to my knowledge, the film never received a VHS circulation in Greece), and was neither listed among those years' productions nor mentioned at all in the relatively trustworthy documentation available concerning Greek Cinema (and Greek Porn in particular).

This film is, so to speak, a "twin" film of European Sex Vacation. However, the fact that the female cast is not identical in these two films (with the exception of the two protagonists: Gambier and Levi) plus the difference in the locations used may imply that both these films were not shot back-to-back at exactly the same time, but maybe within a year of each other. If we were to accept that Enesis Pathus dates from around 1979, the guys in the other film European Sex Vacation speak of the 'Summer Sex Olympics', enhancing suspicions that the latter was shot or released in 1980. Of course, both films could have been shot with a week's difference, but that doesn't quite explain the appearance of many different girls in both of them.


Thanks to A.N. for the captures.


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