< Die liebestollen Nichten der Frau Gräfin

Released: late 1970s
Director: ?
Notes: loop in two parts, Paradise Film (Part 1 P103? Part 2 P104). In 1984 included in the VHS collection 'Climax de Luxe' of FilmLabs Copenhagen, then included in the loop collection Teenagers 4 where it is possibly given the title 'Sexy Sisters' and may be reduced in length to under 40 minutes.
Alternate Titles
  • Liebestolle Nichten
  • Loverlorn Nieces literal translation
  • Sexy Sisters ?

About 35 minutes long, either a long short or the highlights of a longer film.

Edwardian costumes, i.e. before the 20s but cars are driven; so probably set in 1890s or 1900s.

Frithjof Klausen, the man who plays Josefine's father in Josefine Mutzenbacher ... wie sie wirklich war 1. Teil is cutting wood, a blonde (XNK0613) approaches and they have sex. She is well-dressed but not the mistress of the house. She might be meant to be a governess to the two girls who appear later.

Inside the large house a busty brunette maid (XNK0614) takes a breakfast tray up to the mistress of the house, a blonde (XNK0615). She runs a bath, the blonde masturbates in the bath. She gets the maid to go down on her on the bed.

Outside the first blonde has called the chauffeur (might be Mario Pollak) over to join in to make a threesome. They are then discovered by the maid. Both take facials.

Meanwhile the mistress is masturbating in her bedroom chair. The chauffeur goes to pick up two younger women (one is Catherine Tailleferre, the other XNK0616) and drives them to the woods. The girls get out of the car and sit on the grass eating lollipops. They have a g/g session then go and have sex with the chauffeur while his head is under the car. They drive to the mansion and are greeted by the mistress of the house.

The girls sit on chairs near the foot of the stairs and try to use a cut log as a dildo. The blonde (governess?) scolds them, but they grab her and use it on her. Meanwhile the chauffeur has discovered the maid pleasuring herself on the spinning wheel. They have sex. Then he finds the three women and has sex with the blonde on the table. The girls go outside and sit on the grass.


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