< Lèche-moi partout DVD available

Released: 1978
Director: Francis Leroi
Notes: Blue One DVD (0:57:09) with Tout pour le plaisir and Charlotte mouille sa culotte
Alternate Titles
  • La serva perversa DVD available Italy
  • Serva perversa - baby doll Italy
  • La Servante Perverse DVD available video re-issue title and DVD title
  • Services Rendered USA, 1:16:30

Males -

  • Jean-Pierre Armand as Max Pardos plays Maxime, unsuccessful burglar / butler / chauffeur
  • Robert Richard (non-sex) plays the burglar's sidekick / gardener
  • Tony Morena, uncredited, orgy scene (not in the DVD version)
  • Dominique Aveline, uncredited, orgy scene (not in the DVd version

Maxime is a burglar. We see him being caught red-handed by a female house-owner (Samantha) and forced to have sex with her at the point of a gun. She gets him to attend an orgy (footage from Je suis à prendre seems to be used here or at any rate the same room and some of the same participants, definitely including Sophie Bulle and probably XNK0282) and his sidekick tries to rob the clothes, They are caught at that too; so he attempts a change of career and they apply for the jobs of butler/chauffeur and gardener at a large house. They arrive just as a funeral is ending. The house is entirely populated by females - a teenager (Lydie Beggy) who has lessons at home, a blonde in her twenties (Karine Gambier) and a middle-aged busty brunette (Monique Carrere), plus the housemaid (Jenny Feeling). They exhaust Maxime with their constant sexual demands - and the maid also seduces the coal delivery man - but Maxime abandons them, all now pregnant, in the last scene.

DVD  35.99 EUR Orgazmik: Tout pour le plaisir / Charlotte mouille sa culotte / La servante perverse Blue One
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