< Lovely Tits

Released: c. 1992
Director: Gustav Gum
Notes: Viola Video, noblesse Nr. 6

Language: German

Duration: 90 minutes

Credits: Tina Samson, Gerd Bellmann, Andrea Schnell, Tom Bettmann, Rosie Jensen

Cast -

  • Georgina Lempin as Tina Samson
  • Susana Taube as Rosie Jensen
  • 3 male cast

Note this video is very obviously a vehicle for Georgina's tits. The brunette (Andrea Schnell) never takes her bra off. The blonde (Susana Taube) also has small tits. At one stage in the film Georgina is introduced as Gina - which could be mistaken for Tina, and Samson could be used as an indirect reference to the size of her chest. It's also the first name on the list and she's the first person you see.

Review (01/11/2003)

Story, what story.

I've owned my copy of this film for a good many years and it's quite a good film. However it does not really have any storyline. It starts off with a softcore glamour photoshoot with Georgina which then moves on to something more. It then goes off with scenes that only appear connected by the participants. Towards the end 2 new people appear in a brand new, totally unconnected scene - time filler? - and then the film ends abruptly at 90 minutes (historically German porn was always 90 minutes long). The video also swaps constantly between scenes which makes reviews interesting.

The audio appears undubbed and all participants speak German with the exception of Georgina who has no lines in the video.

The video starts with a glamour shoot of Georgina. She looks bored and after a while grabs the photographer and a b/g session ensues. bj, cowgirl, b/g, there is a supposed cum shot which is unseen.

Meanwhile in a reception type area the brunette (Andres Schnell) arrives and starts talking to a seated man. Very quickly things develop. bj, reverse cowgirl, cowgirl, anal, b/g, no cum shot Georgina and the photographer arrive at the reception area and everybody swaps partners. Georgina in the reception area bj, reverse cowgirl, cowgirl, b/g, cum shot and Andrea Schnell in an adjoining bedroom bj, cowgirl, b/g, cum shot.

Scene switches back to the reception area with Georgina bj and then back to the bedroom with the brunette anal and back to the reception area with Georgina where the brunette now joins them. Shortly afterwards Georgina leaves and the brunette is now back with the man she started with cowgirl, bj, cum shot.

Switch of scene to Georgina now bathing in a tub and masturbating.

The scene now switches again to an office area with two new people, a man and the blonde (Susanna Taube) bj, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, b/g.



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