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Released: 2000
Director: Harry S. Morgan
Notes: Teeny Exzesse, 84 mins

Female Stars: Kamilla, Jirina (as Georgia), Linda, Ilona, Gabriela, Petra, Unidentified fisting girl with multi-coloured necklace on (XNK0832). All the girls are Czech and speak very little English, if any.

Males -

  • David Perry
  • Richard Lengin
  • Unidentified German with short dark hair an soul spot beard under bottom lip
  • Phillipe - Dark haired German with glasses, as the Principal (looks like Viz ís Mr. Logic)

All Harry S. Morgan regulars.

Set in a girlís school portrayed by a location seen in many European porn films (Delires Obscene, Dino: Supergoren, other Teeny Exzcesse films) with itís fake looking white and yellow interior walls, this is the story of a new geography teacher (Guy with Soul spot beard) joining the school. He discovers "Phillipe" the Principle and Richard Lengin in the office with Kamilla. He watches through the crack in the door. Incidental music throughout this film has been used on countless other Euro films. In this scene it sounds like the Macarana. Pretty blonde Kamilla sucks Lengin whilst sheís fingered by the Principle on his desk. They swap ends and Lengin starts fucking her spoons style while she gives the Head some head. Thereís a quick anal here, too. She sits on the Head and sucks Lengin. None of the guys take off any clothes, still wearing their suits until near the end. She does RCG and CG positions, Lengin grabbing her head and fucking her mouth. Then Lengin does her doggy style and she sucks the Head. Then itís into a DP with Head in pussy and Lengin in her arse. She looks kinda concerned to start with as he squeezes into her bum but she soon starts to buck around. Throughout this, the Headís bollocks are straining to be free of his trousers and they seem to be bulging to the point of explosion, all smooth and veiny. Itís off putting. Finally they remove their trousers. And cum over her face and mouth, most of Lenginís semen going onto the Headís cock (he looks away - in disgust?).

David Perry arrives and Soul Spot explains he canít go in the office as theyíre fucking. Perry explains - "everybody fucks in this school. Everybody fucks everybody. You have to know this." Bless him, he sums up the plot in one line of broken English.

Jirina (billed as Georgia) asks Perry for help with some school work in his office. "I have a problem," she says handing him the book. "Show me," he says. She throws the book aside and straddles his lap. "I love you. Thatís my problem." "And you think I can fix it?" he replies, to which - fourth wall of cinema being cracked somewhat - Jirina gives him a lovely big eyed smile, as if to say "Well, thatís why weíre here!" He sucks her perfect little boobs and those infamous nipples (for nowhere near long enough) and pulls off the dress and starts licking her pussy. Her pink, hairless, fleshy pussy that wibbles when touched. (Reviewer adjusts trousers) He fingers her and allows her to taste herself. The she sucks his dick for a while and jumps on him cowgirl style, which shows off her amazing bum to perfection. There wasnít before, isnít now and never will be a more beautifully perfect female backside in porn from anywhere in the world than Jirinaís. Then we see spoons position which reveals just how moist she is judging by the goo on his cock (could be lube, like to think it isnít.) and he slides it up her bum in this position, also, holding her fleshy pussy open as he does. He fingers her bum and lets her taste that and then quick sucks him before jumping on for anal cowgirl. The music becomes the theme to Transformers, sort of. This is the most vigorous anal Iíve ever seen, she is bouncing like sheís on a trampoline and this is David Perry, a rather well endowed fella. If this hurt her at all she was disguising it very well and the look on her face is pretty convincing. Such deep rooting around her bowels has obviously had a side effect and as he pulls out Perry murmers "I am a fool," looking at his dick. Seems heís encountered a bit of Jirina he didnít want to see. But she grabs his dick, dusts it off and sucks it anyway and he says "Ok, no problem!". This is nothing gross, the camera sees nothing, so Iím only guessing, going my his reaction. Although I donít condone this particular practice, it does prove Jirina is an absolute trooper if nothing else. He comes over her face, with her ALONE wanking him, so sheís a class act at that, too. Her problem solved, she goes back to her dorm, naked. I should point out Jirina was wearing a luminous pink dress and has her hair in plaits and has never looked so alluring. She plays the shy school kid thing up really well, and this is one of her most energetic performances Iíve seen her give. Compare it to Hard Days at the Orifice where she barely groans once and seems to just float through the sex, hereís sheís gasping and gurning away, not all genuine, obviously, but preferable.

The new teacher waits in his office amazed that everyone is fucking everyone in this school; Petra comes in explaining she also has a problem - in her pussy. Guessing this is lack of attention rather than Chlamydia, they perform oral sex on each other whilst he wears her knickers on his head. They fuck on the desk spoons, RGC then CG. Then she sucks him again and he bends his legs in an unnecessary angle so the camera can see his arsehole far too easily. Camera operator realises this and zooms in, which makes it worse. She is then bent over the desk and fucked from behind, then another energetic anal in same position after which she wanks him over her face and straight into her eye. Itís not the only time she gets hit in the eye in this film....keep reading.

Again, Soul Spot guy stumbles across the Head fucking a pupil, this time ití s Linda, wearing a T-shirt with "Pussy" written on it. She gives him head, then he fucks her missionary, doggy, cowgirl and reverse cowgirl on the desk. Again his trousers stay on, again his scrotum bulges and looks gross. They go to the floor where she stands awkwardly on finger tips and toe tips in an A-frame doggy, then he comes over her face.

All 6 girls (except Linda) at the school come in to the lesson and see Soul Spot guy spying on the Head. He starts a lesson but all the girls, separately ask to go to the toilet and soon he has no pupils left. David Perry comes in with Ilona and Gabriela and says he caught them smoking in the toilets. We never hear why David Perry was in the girlís toilets. Their punishment is to be fucked over the desk. The girls get a doggy, then give head, then some more fucking. Ilona, who sticks to Perry, is the more attractive and has a lovely smouldering look and sexy pout as sheís being nailed. Gabriela has nice breasts but has no chemistry with the geography teacher (you with me?). Ilona, however, is giving Perry the eye and fingering her bumhole waiting for him to do her anally. Both girls are analled and Ilona gets a good if short DP with Perry up her pussy.

The highlight of the film. Unnamed girl gets fisted by Jirina whilst Petra sucks her boobs. Wandering a corridor by candle light, they perch her on a cabinet and off they go. Jirina licks the girlís shaved pubic hair but not her pussy or clit. Her entire hand disappears from the very start proving thereís no end to Jirinaís talents. The sound alone in the scene is more than enough, thank you very much; slurps, moans and gasps. It only lasts four minutes but it seems to go on forever. Fantastic. (There is an near identical scene in Supergoren, in which Jirina fists the same girl on a staircase, though this time she really licks her pussy. The scene and the film donít have the atmosphere as this one, but it shares the same location, costumes, plot and most of the cast - with Kamilla, Linda, Petra, Jirina and the Fisted Girl plus most of the guys. Dare I point out even the same coloured sex toys are used......).

Finale, and Lengin and Soul Spot man are playing chess, but Petra and Jirina put them off by running past naked. Soul Spot gives up and resigns to the camera; he canít takes this job anymore, he quits. Lengin calls the girls back and they fuck, quite routinely, the highlight being Petraís anal doggy whilst Jirina licks her pussy from below and is given A2M. It also has the momentous occasion where after Jirina takes her second vigorous anal, Petra gets Lenginís elbow in her eye with rather a lot of force! You even hear her yelp. She carries on, but clutching her eye. Lengin even insists she suck him. I would not twat a girl in the eye and then let her anywhere near my manhood with her mouth, I can tell you.

Film ends as Soul Spot dreams of all the girls dildoing their various orifices.

A great film, with some excellently shot sex, natural girls and no plot of any importance.

Bill Malone


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