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Released: 1987
Director: Michel Ricaud
Notes: Video Marc Dorcel

Males -

  • William Grey plays Julien, Geneviève's brother
  • Jean-Pierre Armand, as J-P Armand, plays Jacques, Geneviève's father
  • Jacques Marbeuf, as Victor Vallet, plays Uncle Adrien
  • Pierre Costa plays Gilles, the bridegroom
  • Alain L'Yle, as Alain L'Ile, plays a friend of the family, Hortense's husband
  • Roberto Malone, as Robert Malone, plays a friend of the family, Madeleine's husband
  • an unknown male plays the peeping Tom
  • Etienne Jaumillot, uncredited, is an extra, an audience member, at the sex club

There are various other extras, male and female, at the sex club.

A little film in which the members of a family and their relatives demonstrate how united they are.

A brother in love with his sister dreads the moment she will be leaving home, because she's getting married. The mother tells her beloved daughter about marital duty and demonstrates her talent at it when her husband pops in. Love between father and mother? OK that's the norm, yet the son is hidden under his parents' bed while they are at it.

Then Uncle Adrien. shows how attracted he feels towards Lulu, the maid. Madeleine, a friend of the family has it off with Julien. Roberto Malone, J-P Armand and Michaelle Anders are in a sex club while a stripper is doing her act. This is followed by an orgy in the club.

Julien mistakes his mother for Madeleine and fucks her without seeing her face.

Then Julien makes it in a car with his sister while watched by a peeping-Tom. Then he has a go at the maid soon followed by Hortense, another of his parents' friends. Her husband happily joins in and we get a threesome.

Julien makes it again with his sister in the sex club and she is joined in the toilet by Madeleine who teaches her how to make some easy money by sucking men through holes in the wall.

Uncle Adrien, his brother (J-PArmand) and the Roberto Malone character take care of a woman in the club and the film ends on Geneviève finally doing it with her husband who had been too impressed by her to be able to really do justice to her beauty.

And I suppose they lived happily ever after.

Prophilo (24/4/10)

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DVD  24.95 EUR Orgazmik: Liaisons Coupables Marc Dorcel
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