< Lèvres entrouvertes

Released: 1977
Director: Jean Rollin as Michel Gentil
Alternate Titles
  • Lèvres entrouvertes pour sexe chaud 1978
  • Prendimi dappertutto Italy
  • Véronique lèvres entrouvertes 1981

Males -

  • Charlie Schreiner
  • Cyril Val
  • Gérard Delair
  • Patrick Béchard

Samantha comes home to find husband Charlie Schreiner having sex with another woman. She confronts him and they have a row. He runs off to his friend's house where his friend is having sex with Mika Barthel. There seem to be a group of swingers (Guida Hernandez, Maryline, Gérard Delair and Patrick Béchard are also in this group) and while they sit round a table on the patio, Cyril Val is sent off to plead with Samantha. He seduces her. They have sex and then the orgy at the other house moves across to join Cyril and Samantha. She is converted to their lifestyle.

Scenes - at least in the in the shortened VHS version are:

  1. Nadine Scant, Charlie Schreiner
  2. Mika Barthel, Gérard Delaire
  3. Marie-Line Chanaud, Gérard Delaire
  4. Guida Hernandez, Marie-Line Chanaud, Mika Barthel, Charlie Schreiner
  5. Samantha, Cyril Val
  6. Marie-Line Chanaud, Mika Barthel, Miriam Wateau, Charlie Schreiner, Gérard Delaire, later joined by Samantha and Cyril Val.

Jean Rollin is in the last scene is his usual non-sex participation. There may be others but the scene is too agitated for me to spot them.


Film information updated with help from Dictionnaire des films français pornographiques et érotiques 16 et 35 mm.


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