< James Bande contre O.S.Sex 69

Released: 1986
Director: Pierre B. Reinhard as Myke Strong
Notes: prod. Jean-François Davy for Fil à Film, uses footage from Prouesses anales pour top modèles de luxe and maybe other films. 73 mins.
Alternate Titles
  • Desideri di vizi DVD available Italy, BL Comm, Cult Movie DVD
  • Desiderio di vizi Dir. fake credit to Jean-François Davy as Sean-François Davy Italian VHS, Video 80 Videottanta, possibly stolen title, fake or stolen credits
  • Extases anales

These notes are based on an Italian video release which has fake credits and on the account in Dictionnaire des films français pornographiques et érotiques 16 et 35 mm.

The credit sequence for Desiderio di vizi is "con Mylene Coral, Jean-Jacques Berardin, Frederic Lafond, Pierre Radeau; soggetto e sceneggiotura Sean-François Davy; diretto della fotografia, Philippe Theaudiere; fonico, Jacques Gavron, montaggio, Renee Richard; regia, Sean-François Davy". Including this credit sequence it is nearly 74 minutes long.

Posters for this title exist for sale on web pages which mention some of the above names and Marilyn Jess, probably the only performer who could be identified. The BL Comm DVD, Desideri di vizi, mentions Mylene Coral and otehr names from the VHS credits on pages where it is sold, but the name Mylene Coral cannot be found on imdb.

Males -

  • Gabriel Pontello plays James Bande
  • André Kay plays O.S.Sex 69
  • Eric Saville plays Amour El Sodo (but seems to appear only in footage from other films)
  • Olivier Mathot, non-sex and in a wig and large spectacles, plays the KGB chief
  • Pascal St. James (not mentioned in Le Dictionnaire) plays a third secret agent, Comrade Adolf, a colleague of O.S.Sex 69

A voice over helps to disguise the use of footage from other films.


  1. Sonya Lendl sucks two cocks - André Kay and Gabriel Pontello. The voice over mentions 'Zero Zero sex' and 'James Bande'. Things develop to full sex, anal and DP.
  2. The camera moves from a Russian newspaper on a bedside table to André Kay and a blonde with white pearls on a bed with blue pillows (anal). Cut to an old man with large glasses (the KGB chief, Olivier Mathot) sitting and stroking a small white dog on his lap with a Soviet flag in the background and reading the Russian newspaper. He phones his secretary, another blonde, who phones André Kay.
  3. Tina Loren is having sex with Pascal St. James when they are temporarily interrupted by a phone call from the KGB chief.
  4. André Kay arrives at KGB HQ and has sex with the blonde secretary. Pascal St. James arrives and joins in. The KGB chief considerately waits for them to finish before briefing the two men on their missions.
  5. We see Laura Clair (with long braids down the sides of her face) in the back of a Rolls Royce with a dark-haired male (probably Eric Saville) (archive footage?)
  6. Gabriel Pontello, on a balcony in his robe, has sex with Sonya Lendl.
  7. André Kay on a plane. Marie-France (?) sits next to him. We also briefly see Jessica Stehl on the same plane. (Presumably footage from Prouesses anales pour top modèles de luxe)
  8. The swimming pool scene from Prouesses anales pour top modèles de luxe - Jessica Stehl, Katya Strambi, Marie-France, André Kay.
  9. Back to Pontello with Sonya on the bed - anal, facial.
  10. On the yacht - footage from Prouesses anales pour top modèles de luxe - André Kay, Eric Saville, Jessica Stehl, Marie-France watched by Katya Strambi masturbating.
  11. Pontello and Sonya have now moved to the garden - a deckchair on the lawn next to a swimming pool.
  12. In the woods next to Pontello's garden Pascal St. James, Marilyn Jess (with binoculars), Valerie Siddy and Melissa Bonsardo are spying on Pontello.
  13. André Kay, Jessica Stehl and Marie-France have now moved to a rocky shore beneath some cliffs - threesome. (Also footage from Prouesses anales pour top modèles de luxe).
  14. Back to the spies in the woods.
  15. Back to the rocky shore.
  16. In the woods the spies are now stalking - crawling up on Pontello and Lendl.
  17. Eric Saville joins Kay and the two girls beneath the cliffs.
  18. Pontello discovers his stalkers and throws Bonsardo in the pool.
  19. Back to the shore.
  20. In the garden, the fight turns into an orgy - Pontello, St. James, Lendl, Jess, Siddy, Bonsardo.
  21. The foursome on the shore is now mysteriously back on the yacht.
  22. Back to the garden and Pontello has phoned up André Kay for assistance. He arrives with yet another blonde - not clearly seen but seems to be a little older. The orgy continues.
  23. Finally we see the KGB chief with his secretary sitting on his lap, presumably frustrated that his operatives prefer to party together than to fight one another.

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