< Joker 23: Faust Schlampen

Director: Dino
Notes: DBM, Joker, VHS JR 123, compilation

Males -

  • Jasper Gude
  • Jean-Pierre Armand
  • Joachim Kessef
  • Lee Valentine
  • Paul Gregorius
  • Philippe Soine
  • Rene Baar
  • Richard Lengin
  • Ronny Manfredo
  • Thomas Fritz
  • Yves Baillat


  1. Thomas Fritz, Margitta Wilhelm
  2. Jean-Pierre Armand, Raffaela Anderson, Valerie Dimanche
  3. Janine Miramas, Jeanny Bee, Yves Baillat
  4. Antonia Laffite, Gloria Mundi, Joachim Kessef, Philippe Soine
  5. Guy, Tanja Carnac
  6. Gloria Mundi, Guy, Monika [16]
  7. Rene Baar, Sabine Merlin
  8. Lee Ann, Stephanie Silver
  9. Antonia Laffite, Lee Ann, Richard Lengin
  10. Guy, Nadine Perrier, Suzette Dale, Thomas Fritz
  11. Guy, Monika [16]
  12. Janine Miramas, Ronny Manfredo
  13. Elisabeth Dime, Katarina Martinez, Richard Lengin
  14. Guy, Nadine Perrier, Bianca Menotti
  15. Jean-Pierre Armand, Nell Oslo, Stephanie Silver
  16. Paul Gregorius, Princess Peggy, Rene Baar, Sabine Merlin
  17. Philippe Soine, Stephanie Silver
  18. Guy, Jasper Gude, Kerstin
  19. Guy, Valerie Dimanche
  20. Grit Kempinksi, Yves Baillat
  21. Elisabeth Dime, Guy, Katarina Martinez
  22. Andrea Dalton, Anja [4], Lee Valentine
  23. Gloria Mundi, Guy, Raffaela Anderson, Monika [16]

Notes: The scenes of this compilation are taken from the movies Edel Huren [DBM, Family Blue (FB 017)], Farbspritzer [DBM, X-Ray (XR 3517)], Orgasmus Trophy [DBM, Tornado (TR 033)] and Vienna Connection [DBM, Dolly Buster (DB 8509)].



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