< Jungstuten in Ausbildung

Released: 1990s
Director: 'Mike Kupfer' (Michael d'Angelo?)
Notes: Teenies T15
Alternate Titles
  • Intimità violate Dir. Michele d'Angelo Eurostyle Productions, Italian sound and embellished, in some respects more accurate, credits

Males credited in German version -

  • Chris (= Chris Charming)
  • Dirk (= Dirk Foger whoever he is)
  • Mario (?)

Males credited in the Italian version -

  • Valentino
  • Backey Jakic
  • Reinardh (sic)
  • Dirk Foger

Neither list is complete. Zenza Raggi may appear, but the suspect for him was difficult to capture. Reinhard is another possibility for the same person.

In the Italian version five females are credited but only four appear, Regina Kern in two scenes. The spare name in the Italian credits is Diana Saphir - the other first names match those in the German credits. Two scenes seem to be unrelated to the others except that they may be mentioned in a phone conversation by one of the characters.


  1. Regina Kern and and an unidentified male picked up at a bar.
  2. Melanie (seems to be the barmaid at same bar) Chris Charming and an unidentified male. Then Melanie gets on the phone to someone, possibly linking to -
  3. a scene in a ploughed field between and unidentified male and Sabine only partially undressed with traffic passing along a road in the middle distance
  4. possibly introduced by conversation between barmaid her two lovers in the bar - Illona with Valentino, joined by Backey Jakic and an unidentified male (possibly Reinhard)
  5. Regina Kern walks along German or Austrian city street (past a Reisebüro - German for travel Agency) is picked up by Chris Charming.

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