< Je suis une petite cochonne

Released: 1979
Director: Claude Pierson
Notes: Pierson Production / France Continental Films. 74 mins. Combines footage from Candides salopes, Les Collégiennes and Jeunes couples déchaînés
Alternate Titles
  • Paroles & Muse X France, video title, Parodix Films
  • Paroles et muse x Parodix Films video on-screen title, 76 mins. excluding the repeated last reel
  • Paroles et muse'x
  • Peccati di una vergine Italy, V.D.C. video, 70 mins.

Males -

  • Richard Lemieuvre (Richard Allan) plays Jean-Paul
  • Dominique Aveline plays Boris
  • Raymond Ximay
  • Jean-Luc Ferré plays the singer
  • Thierry de Brem plays Armand
  • Olivier Oll plays Juliette's father

An older man appears in the orgy scenes in Paris. An even older man, non-sex, briefly appears. A young man, dark curly hair, appears in scenes in the country.

Shares orgy footage with Candides salopes (first orgy).

France Lomay is a schoolgirl who spies on her parents (?) and their friends having orgies. She tries to seduce Dominique Aveline and gets packed off to a large house in the country with her friend Nadine Pascal. There Rosemary de Angelis seems to be the housekeeper (or governess?) and Barbara Moose is a girl in the village. They have various escapades in a village disco or ballroom with Jean-Luc Ferré (the singer) - footage from Jeunes couples déchaînés where they watch Barbara Moose having sex with a boyfriend. Some young men connive to get into the mansion - one in drag - and are seduced by the housekeeper before they can get at the girls.

There are orgies on the lawns by the lake where Richard Allan appears out of nowhere and joins in. (Some footage as well as cast and locations shared with Partouzes suèdoises, the final orgy on the lawn originating in Jeunes couples déchaînés). Then the action moves back to Paris with Richard Allan also included and where France Lomay joins in the orgy near the end.

Thanks to Skin Flick for confirming the title of this movie and for some IDs.

The German release Schule im Orgasmus-Rausch is listed separately. It is also based on Les Collégiennes, but without additional footage from Candides salopes. It is also missing some footage from the disco scene involving Barbara Moose, who is credited but does not appear. It has a simpler story, probably more closely based on the original, and a smaller cast.

Thanks to skin flick for the French video title.

Film information updated with help from Dictionnaire des films français pornographiques et érotiques 16 et 35 mm.


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