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Released: 1994
Director: Harry S. Morgan
Notes: Teeny Exzesse, also features Kim Chambers

Review 11/9/2003

Duration: 82 minutes

Female cast

  • Anita Blond as Anita Kelly
  • Valentina Velasquez as Agnes Malle
  • Kim Chambers as Kimberley American pornstar)
  • Nathalie Levi as Natalie Boudon
  • Samia Maroque presumed to be from scene 6
  • Katrine Lille presumed to be from scene 3

Males -

  • Richard Voisin
  • Denis Hooper
  • Yves Baillat
  • Jocelin Vingtset (Joe Calzone?)

I suspect that up to 8 minutes has been edited out of the version of this video that I possess. My version was video taped from TV Erotica which broadcast via Sweden and fell within their regulations regarding Anal Sex and Urination. I am aware that some tapes had to be edited prior to broadcast to comply with Swedish regulations.

The video opens with a person removing the contents of an apartment into an alleyway. The link between each scene is the furniture in the alleyway but the apartment in each scene is different.

Scene 1: Anita Blond & Yves Baillat. In the apartment Anita is upset. She is consoled by Yves - bj, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, cumshot.

Scene 2: Nathalie Levi, Richard Voisin & Joe Calzone. Nathalie is asleep on the sofa. She doesn't have anything on under her dress and it has ridden up. After some 'stimulation' she awakes - bj, b/g, cowgirl, DP, rac, reverse DP, 2 cumshots.

Scene 3: Valentina Velasquez, Unknown Brunette (Presumably Katrine Lille aka Melanie) & Richard Voisin. Richard has his arms round the two girls and the three of them are dancing around the apartment. The unknown brunette needs to pee. Richard puts a screen up around a grid in the floor and she urinates into it. Richard and Valentina are peeking round the screen watching. The action then commences. Valentina - bj; Unknown brunette - gs, bj, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, anal, cumshot. Richard then leaves and some g/g and 69 ensues during which Yves arrives and joins the girls. Unknown brunette - bj; Valentina - cowgirl, cumshot. The unknown brunette has very white skin.

Scene 4: Kim Chambers, Richard Voisin, Yves Baillat and 2 unidentified men. Kim Chambers is an American pornstar. She is cleaning up with a feather duster - including the camera lens. She then says (by lip-reading) 'where are the men' and this is also said in German. The four men walk in and the action starts immediately. In my original notes for this scene I remarked that she was a very enthusiatic performer. I can't improve on that comment - multiple bj including at least 2 deep throat, b/g, anal, DP, TP - one of each, 4 cumshots.

Scene 5: Anita Blond, Valentina Velasquez, Richard Voisin & unidentified male from Scene 2. They are trying to repair a vacuum cleaner. They eventually give up and move on to more interesting things. Anita with Richard - bj, b/g, reverse cowgirl, cumshot. Valentina with unknown - bj, b/g, cowgirl, cumshot.

Scene 6: Nathalie Levi, Unknown brunette (probably Samia Maroque) & 2 unknown males - one unseen before this scene. The girls enter the apartment. The unknown brunette is already topless. The men are waiting for them. Nathalie - bj, anal, rac, cumshot; unknown brunette - bj, b/g, reverse cowgirl, anal, creampie. The unknown brunette has masses of tied up black hair. Very slim with tanned skin. To me she has a north African/French colonial look which is why I would guess at her being Samia Maroque.



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