< J'ai rien dessous

Released: 1979
Director: Gérard Grégory
Notes: visa: 50519
Alternate Titles
  • Attention peinture
  • Oh! Ok heb er niets onder Belgium, Dutch language videotitle - IVS / Video Group Selection
  • Sexy Girls West Germany, Vulcan

Males -

  • Tony Morena plays the receiver of stolen goods
  • Guy Bonnafoux plays the man who checks the stolen goods
  • Gerard Gregory non-sex
  • Jean-Pierre Armand plays Pierrot, thief and garage owner
  • Piper van Luge plays Pépère, the boss
  • Dédé plays a thief, colleague to Pierrot, non sex, uncredited

(There are two other women in non-sex roles - a hotel receptionist and a barmaid.)

Marie wants Pierrot ro steal a painting (in the credits it is stated that the painting is by Pierre B. Reinhard - an abstract piece!) from a rich musician - he accepts the job.

Gambier can¹t pay the repairs for her husband¹s sportscar, so she lets Pierrot fuck her.

Dédé is taken by the boss to a hidden room where they spy on a hooker (XNK2430) at work with a client.

Barthel, a hooker (an Asian they say!), is made to make love to a champagne bottle in front of the boss, Dédé and Pierrot. The last fucks her while she sucks the boss¹s cock.

Pierrot and Dédé steal the painting and sleep in the hotel.

Once again, Gambier damages her husband's car. She pays Pierrot with a blowjob.

The boss has not returned with the money. Pierrot goes to investigate. Morena says the boss has been payed correctly, but he says a girl (Micky) accompanied him. (this is shown in a flashback).

Pierrot finds out that this girl is the young hooker Fabienne. He goes to find her in her flat. He threatens her with a gun, slaps her in the face, and makes her undress. She talks about what has happened. She says Pépère was crazy about her and took her to his villa, where we see him fuck her doggy style. The boss died from a heart attack in the morning. She left the villa with his car and got back.

Pierrot is not sure she has told the truth; so they go to the villa. He falls in love with Fabienne - he sniffs her slip in the car. He finds out she told him the truth. They have some acrobatic sex.

Pierrot plants Fabienne in his apartment and tells lies to his colleagues, who find out he has taken diamonds that belonged to Pépère. Morena, Bonnafoux and Dédé go to find him and - at the point of a gun - he tells the truth, and gives them the money and the diamonds.

The three guys are now in the bar and they pay big money to Barthel and David to strip and give BJs to Morena and Bonnafoux.

Pierrot returns to Fabienne in his apartment and tells her they lost everything. She doesn¹t mind she says, because she loves him

The painting is given to Marie - END.

Good thriller-like story, good script. This would be well worth a re-issue on DVD. Pity my copy has all the HC cut out!



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