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Released: c. 1999
Director: Philippe Soine
Notes: Sex Impact (DVD, 2007)

A second, uncredited, female is present in Sandy's scene (handjob only). Her face is never shown.

Most 'scenes' (glimpses might be a better word) are annoyingly brief and the sex action is pretty limited. All the flaws of gonzo (at any rate, Soine's take on it) are present in spades; this genre (to dignify it with the term) breaks the cardinal rule that either subject or camera moves, but never both at the same time- to carry it off at least two cameras with competent operators and a judicious (or vicious) editor are necessary. Done the way it is here, it merely looks as if the cameraman has ADD and/or delirium tremens- even supposedly still-takes are marred by distinct hand-tremor, and the constant swinging-around of the camera rapidly induces nausea. Some of the girls (particularly Ms Allessandrini, Alyson and the utterly adorable Sandy [13]) deserve much, much more than this. If one wants to see the hairs up someone's nose or a novel angle of an armpit, one can always take a selfie. Oh, and sticking one's grubby fingers into a girl's mouth might (just possibly) be erotic in the privacy of a bedroom; in front of a camera it merely looks unhygienic and not a little discourteous.

Penetrative sex (what little there is of it) is condomed; Calypso and Sandy do b/g, Chloe does anal.


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