< Infirmières du plaisir

Released: 1985
Director: Michel Caputo as Paul Kerman
Notes: Mainly archive footage.
Alternate Titles
  • Bizarre Marilyn Mike Hunter on-screen title
  • Il Fiore sulla carne Italy, video title
  • Marilyn bizarre Herrin 1985? Mike Hunter cover title
  • Scandalosa Olinka

Males -

  • Christophe Clark
  • Jean-Pierre Armand, archive footage
  • Antony Ray, archive footage
  • Gabriel Pontello, archive footage

Seems to be a film consisting of some new non-sex footage shot to link lots of archvie footage, some of which was also used in Fessées intimes.

Olinka seems to be the nurse in charge of a sex clinic - the 'Clinique Montretout'. Dominique Saint-Claire, Laura Clair and Marianne Aubert are also nurses. The sex therapy provides an excuse to show videos and thus archive footage.

This includes Marilyn Jess and Antony Ray in the bath, Olinka and Marilyn Jess, Olinka and Jean-Pierre Armand dressed in a black body suit, Olinka and Christophe, Olinka in a foursome with Cathy Ménard, Christophe and Jean-Pierre, XNK5251 in b/g and b/b/g action with Gabriel Pontello and XNK0564, Cathy Ménard and Antony Ray in the bathroom. There is also archive footage of another female in b/g action, but there were no clear glimpses of her face. And of Christophe and a long-haired blonde (XNK0563) on the bonnet of a car under a water spray. Marianne Aubert makes love to her soft toy and is then joined by a man (might well be André Kay) for b/g action including anal. Then a blonde whose face is never clearly seen, but whose nose suggests Valerie Siddy, finds Christophe in a cot and leans over to give him a blow job while she is taken from behind by Jean-Pierre Armand. Finally we see Jean-Pierre and Olinka again.

Prophilo's scene breakdown -

  1. Olinka, Cathy Ménard, Christophe Clark and Jean-Pierre Armand
  2. XNK0563 and Christophe Clark
  3. Marilyn Jess and Antony Ray
  4. Olinka and Christophe Clark
  5. XNK5251 and Gabriel Pontello
  6. Cathy Ménard and Anthony Ray
  7. Olinka and Jean-Pierre Armand
  8. Cathy Ménard and Christophe Clark
  9. XNK0564 and Christophe Clark
  10. XNK0564, XNK5251 and Christophe Clark (from Exigences "Très Spéciales")
  11. Olinka and Marilyn Jess
  12. Marianne Aubert and André Kay
  13. Evelyne Lang, Christophe Clark and Jean-Pierre Armand
  14. Olinka and Jean-Pierre Armand

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