< I Istoria tis Tripas

Released: 1983
Director: Vangelis Papadimas
Notes: Greece, Cine-Pik Films, c. 74 mins. English translation: "The Story of a Hole"
Alternate Titles
  • I Istoria mias Parthenas

In the opening credits, four actresses are credited under the names Maya Mitrou, Jenny Kontou, Anna Zafiropoulou and Maria Spathi. Four males are also credited (as follows), although five males participate in the sex scenes.

Males -

  • Pavlos Karanikolas as Pavlos Andreou, plays Takis and Andreas
  • Karolos Torť
  • Aris Kosmatos
  • Yorgos Karras
  • One more uncredited male

Plot Summary -

The film begins with chunky girl Daisy taking a shower and then having sex in the bathroom with her very athletic boyfriend (some footage of this sex action is actually taken from another scene featured later in the film). Soon after he cums, Daisy informs him that three of her (former) schoolmates will be joining her to spend a few daysí vacation in her house. Later on, the four friends have a coffee in Daisyís living room and decide to discuss their strongest sex experiences. Keti (Katy) recalls a visit of Takis (a guy who intended to hand over some receipts to her), with whom she has sex. Shortly afterwards, Yannis (a friend of Takis, who has waited in vain in his car for him to return) knocks on Ketiís door to find out whatís going on. A second round of heated sex then takes place, during which Keti is DP'd in both reverse cowgirl and cowgirl positions.

Itís (busty brunette) Annaís turn to present her story, which she actually shares with the fourth girl, chunky Lisa. Their car having broken down on the way to Athens, the two girls were waiting for some help by the highway. Luckily enough, a lorry passes by and its driver and his friend offer to carry them to Athens, but not before having made some sexual moves towards them. All of them stop near a river in some open field; the moustached guy fucks Anna in the back of the lorry (anal included), while his friend gets a blowjob by Lisa, only to abandon her shortly after and join the other two. Lisa gets a refreshing bath in the river. All of a sudden, a wandering photographer shows up (itís actually the same guy playing Yannis in the second sex scene), insists on taking some photos of her and proceeds to fuck her vigorously. In parallel, we get a glimpse of whatís going on between Anna and the two friends. But this (quite lengthy) sex scene hasnít yet come to its end. The two friends, after having taken care of Anna, are still horny: they lure Lisa into more sex action, culminating in another DP! (Actually, most of its close-ups originate from the former DP of Monica Dimitriou, but at the end we get a relatively clear shot that a DP was actually performed in this scene, as well).

Itís finally the hostess Daisy's turn to narrate her sex story. Before doing so, she has to get herself some cigarettes from her bedroom. As she enters the room, she discovers that her boyfriend had already returned home and is lying in bed. They start immediately to have sex, only to be soon watched through the door by curious Keti. She then returns to the living room, suggesting that all the girls should immediately invite their boyfriends over to the apartment for a group orgy, but the two other girls are very reluctant about it, and eventually leave the place. But this doesnít prevent Keti from phoning her boyfriend Andreas (played by Karanikolas again, wearing a hideous black long-haired wig!) to join in with them. He actually shows up and has sex with her. This is how the film comes to an end, since no more evidence of what was going on in the other bedroom was ever shown again!

Some remarks -

The true identity of porn director Vangelis Papadimas remains, even today, a mystery. The recent, only fair, DVD edition of this film (evidently copied from its original VHS edition by Doberman Video) credits as director the well known Lakis Lalos. No one can verify if such an assumption is well founded. The (in total) four porn films of Papadimas had always enjoyed a relatively good reputation among Greek porn fans for their strong and hard sex scenes. This is certainly the case with this film, in which two double penetrations are featured, quite an achievement, if we take into account how rare were DPs in Greek Porn. This canít unfortunately counterbalance the flat script, the mediocre filming and the average-looking (mostly chunky) girls, with the exception of Dimitriou, who delivers here one of her finest, raunchiest and most convincing (yet, largely unknown) sex performances.



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