< I Julens Tecken DVD available

Released: 2005
Director: Mike Beck
Notes: Aktuell Report / Max's
Alternate Titles
  • Bad Santa DVD available Magma


  • Äke Gustavsson, plays Torvald Flens
  • Allan Andersen, plays Bäver
  • Jens XP, plays Julius Gran
  • Samson Biceps, plays Staffan Stolle
  • Don DK, plays Tore Torped
  • Chris Gollum, plays Adde Staahke
  • Jon Rearemy, plays Gangsterbossen
  • Mike Beck, plays Polis 1
  • Erik Fischer, plays Polis 2 (gay-cop)
  • Dick Dirt, plays Insats-polis
DVD  18.99 EUR Orgazmik: Bad Santa Magmafilm
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