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Released: 2002
Director: Jörgen Woolf
Notes: Helen Duval Visuals (DVD 66010), also stars Rebecca Lee, presumably as Rebecca Dusk

Males -

  • Philippe Dean
  • Ian Scott as Jan Scott
  • Bruno Aissix (Bruno Sx)
  • Pascal St. James
  • Steve Holmes
  • George Uhl as George of Prague
  • Sebastian Barrio
  • Philippe Arno

Scene 1: Sabine Mallory with Philippe Dean. Encounters him along a canal, she wears white pants and a black leather jacket. Then meets him on the terrace of a café, wearing a black leather jacket and skirt with black boots and stockings. Sex acts: She masturbates thinking about him (a couple of minutes). She wears a leopard night dress and panties.

Scene 2: Verena and a blonde with curly hair (XNK2633), both wearing different black, transparent dresses, black underwear and black stockings. With Steve Holmes. Sex acts: BJ (Verena), sex (both), anal (Verena, two positions), A2M (blonde with curly hair), facial (both).

Scene 3: Sabine Mallory in sequined, gilded dress and white panties, with Philippe Dean. Sex acts: BJ, sex, anal, facial, BJ clean-off.

Scene 4: Krystal de Boor, wearing a grey, transparent sequined dress, and Claudia Jamsson wearing a leopard shirt, leopard gloves and black panties, with Philippe Dean. Sex acts: BJ (both), sex (both), anal (both – Claudia Jamsson: two positions), A2M (both), facial (both).

Scene 5: Monique Covet wearing a grey, transparent sequined dress and black gloves. With Ian Scott. Sex acts: BJ, sex, anal (two positions), facial (on the tongue), BJ clean-off.

Scene 6: Monique Covet wearing a black leather mini-skirt, a pink, sequined shirt and black gloves, Sabine Mallory wearing a black leather mini-skirt and a black sequined shirt with black stockings and black gloves. With Steve Holmes and another guy. Sex acts: BJ (both), sex (both), anal (both), DP (Monique Covet), facial (both), BJ clean-off (both).

Scene 7: Laura Angel wearing a brown shirt and skirt with a big black belt, and Nicki Blond wearing a black and white shirt and long dress with grey stockings. With Philippe Dean. Sex acts: BJ (both), sex (both), anal (both – Nicki Blond: two positions), facial (both).

Scene 8: Céline Kasia wearing a black, transparent dress, Krystal de Boor wearing a red dress, long black-haired woman (XNK2634) wearing a black leather dress, blonde (Flick Shagwell presumably appearing as Rebecca Dusk) wearing black stockings, black boots and black fetish underwear, Verena wearing a black garter, black stockings, a black bra and a black necklace. Sex acts: (Céline Kasia) sex, DPP, facial; (Krystal de Boor) sex, DP, facial; (XNK2634) sex, anal, facial, BJ clean-off; (Flick Shagwell) sex, anal, facial; (Verena) BJ, sex, anal, DP, facial, BJ clean-off.

Scene 9: Helen Duval wearing a purple short dress with black stockings. With Philippe Dean. Sex acts: BJ, facial (goes on the floor), BJ clean-off.

No extras.

Ratings: Sex 5, Make-up 5, Clothes 5, Picture quality 4 – some interference in the picture.

Comments: excellent plot-based movie.



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