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Released: 1985
Director: given as Ken Browns (Pit Brinkman in the Italian release)
Notes: Herzog, 76 mins
Alternate Titles
  • Conigliette sessualmente bestie
  • Heidi [6] archive footage
  • Jutta Eimann archive footage from Cabaret d'Amor
  • Marilyn Jess as Dominique Trois in the Italian video
  • Ursula Gaussmann possibly as Cindy Carmen in Harzog DVD
  • Uschi Karnat credited both as Sandra Nova (before the title, Herzog DVD) and as Uschi Karnat (after the title, Herzog DVD), as Uschi Karnat in Italian video
  • XNK2544 archive footage from Cabaret d'amor
  • XNK2545 archive footage from Cabaret d'Amor, non-sex
  • XNK2546 archive footage from Cabaret d'amor
  • XNK2547 archive footage from Süße Teens in heißen Jeans
  • XNK2550 archive footage from Der Sexkanal
  • XNK7269 archive footage from Cabarett d'Amor
  • XNK7270 archive footage from Cabarett d'Amor

This film is a mixture of new footage and archive snippets from various Imperial films.

The new footage has Uschi Karnat, Ursula Gaussmann, Marilyn Jess, Christoph Clark (as Gilbert Grosso in Italian video) and another male in it - they are journalists at a sex contact magazine, where people keep ringing them up about their sexual fantasies; which we then see enacted, except that archive footage is used for that purpose. In particular the film Cabaret d'Amor has been raided extensively, there is also an episode taken from Süße Teens in heißen Jeans (the one with the clothes-pegs).


Herzog DVD credits -

Before the title

  • Sandra Nova
  • Cindy Carmen
  • Marilyn Jess

After the title

  • Terry Clarson
  • Meike Schumann
  • Uschi Karnat
  • Chris Hartwig (male or female?)
  • Barbara Sommer
  • Martina Kindler
  • Jochen Ludwig
  • Ria Love
  • Tom Parker
  • Werner Zimmer

Italian video credits -

  • Ursula Gaussmann
  • Uschi Karnat
  • Rainer Steinberg
  • Bianka Hartwig
  • Dominique Trois
  • Horst Jager
  • Gilbert Grosso (probably Christophe Clark)
  • Meike Schumann
  • Barbara Sommer
DVD  23.99 EUR Orgazmik: Intim Kontakt Privat Herzog Video
Video on Demand (Download)  7.99 EUR Orgazmik: Intim Kontakt Privat Herzog Video
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