< Initiation pornographique de Virginie

Released: 1979
Director: Bob Wade as Mac Lirkin
Notes: 72 minutes
Alternate Titles
  • L'Initiation de Virginie on screen title
  • Initiation porno de Virginie box title

Males include -

  • Hubert Géral plays Sophie's friend
  • Gabriel Pontello
  • Pjotr Stanislas

Virginie is a lonely posh lady who has sex dreams at night (1st scene: a false blonde with an unknown man). She experiences them as nightmares and feels very deperessed. One day as she is strolling along the River Seine, she meets Sophie who is a hippy (at least dressed like one) and what Virginie has always dreamed of being - free. Virginie takes her home and soon, Sophie suggests making love. Cue a Lesbian scene filmed by a frozen stiff camera. No emotion, no sensuality. Two mere performers performing. If you want my opinion it tries to be esthetic, but manages only to be boring.

Then Virginie watches a couple (a red-head actor + unknown brunette). Then Sophie draws her attention towards a man masturbating (only hand and cock); Sophie draws near and sucks him. Once again, no feeling, no fun. Sophie sucks him until he comes on her neck. Virginie cleans the whole place up with her tongue. Virginie meets Sophie's moustached friend (Hubert Géral). Sophie calls him "Chéri" and asks him to show how things are to her new friend. He kisses Sophie's body all over in what could have been a tender scene but turns out to be (a once-again) boring scene - he's pretending he's horny, Sophie looking distant and even un-enthusiastic as V. Martin's often appeared on the screen. She calls her friend to join and teaches her how to suck. Virginie proceeds, at first with difficulty, then until he comes into her hands and onto her mouth. Virginie experiences a deep sensation both of pleasure and disgust. Then Sophie tells her memories of parties by an Asian woman (in fact Mika with a painted face. Poor Mika, where are your lively smiles and your lustful eyes?).

Mika watches a man (Pontello) with a blonde girl (Marilyn Jess) - blowjob, she sits on top, he comes on her breast, then doggy style, she on top face away, she comes (fake!). Then a female servant comes in and presents Mika with dildos and sticks one in her ass and sodomises her with it.. Then Mika sucks a man until he comes onto her neck. Virginie and Sophie arrive at the very same place. All is abandoned. Everybody has gone. Then we see Sophie with grey hair (older then) telling this to a false blonde (daughter, friend?) that that's it. This is how she has become liberated.

Then she joins Piotr Stan who is being sucked by a bearded man. The blonde masturbates and eventually joins them. Foursome, the old in-and-out (as Alex and his Droogies would say), once again, purely mechanical. The man comes on Sophie's face and she comments (in an off-voice) on how happy she is. But WE aren't!



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