< Infirmières perverses

Released: 1978
Director: Alain Payet as René Houaro
Alternate Titles
  • Dynasty fake Italian title?
  • L'Infermiera Italy
  • Infirmières serviables
  • Sinfonia Erotica Spain
  • Das sinnliche Krankenhaus West Germany

Males -

  • Gabriel Pontello plays a doctor
  • Dominique Aveline plays a male nurse
  • André Miller, uncredited, plays a male patient
  • Alban Ceray, uncredited, plays a male nurse
  • Cyril Val, as Alain Plumey, plays a male nurse

Gabriel Pontello, seemingly playing a gynaecologist, examines a patient (Claude Janna), too initmately for her liking. Then a nurse comes in and relieves Pontello's frustration. A new nurse, Valerie Martin's, arrives and is given over to nurse Barbara Moose to be shown the ropes. Dominique Aveline (a male nurse?) and Alexandra Sand, another nurse, get turned on when they spy on Valerie Martin's changing into her uniform and they have sex. Alban Ceray, also in a white coat, joins in.

The new nurse is introduced to a male patient and has to give him a bedbath. She flees to Barbara Moose at the sight of his erection. Barbara Moose, however, takes over and takes full advantage of it.

The new nurse meets Dominique Aveline, Cyril Val and another nurse by the sinks. Dominique and the other nurse go to give a female patient (Maya) an enema. This turns into a threesome. The nurse then return to the sluice room.

Meanwhile another patient (Nessy Grant) is masturbating herself into a frenzy. Dominique and the other nurse discover her and take her to the bathroom to cool her down, but another threesome develops. This still doesn't satisfy the patient.

The other nurse takes the new nurse to the male patient and oversees her giving him relief. This also turns into a threesome. Then the whole staff welcome the new nurse in an orgy in the staffroom.

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