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Released: 1999
Director: Mario Salieri
Notes: Salieri / Goldlight, 90 min.
Alternate Titles
  • L'Enfer de Mario Salieri Colmax
  • L'Enfer X DVD available DVD Colmax
  • Inferno (Teufelsmacht)

The screen-credits rival War and Peace for length and it has proved impossible to assign many of the 'lower-order' aliases:

  • Karen Lancaume
  • Oceane
  • Laura Angel
  • Coralie
  • Eva Falk
  • Chipie Marlow
  • Ursula Moore
  • Elodie Cherie
  • 'guest star' Monica Roccaforte
  • Bata Shari
  • Nicoletta Axin
  • Melissa Brown
  • Lea Grendick
  • Joel Matis
  • Sasha Tilowa
  • Lolli Fixen
  • 'con la partecipazione straordinaria di' Nikky Anderson
  • Marina Hotrow
  • Caterina Lievacic
  • Angela Pintus
  • Rosa Gianetti
  • Angela d'Ambra
  • Lenka
  • Lolita
  • Estelle
  • Philippe Dean
  • Robert Malone
  • Francesco Malcom
  • Dino Toscani
  • Steve Forrest
  • Walter Midolo
  • Silvio Evangelista
  • Gerard Hergon
  • Alban
  • Tony Almond
  • Gianni Iovine
  • Luca Cascio
  • Mario Massetti
  • Franco Linotti
  • Franco Sini
  • Alessio Daca
  • Ilio Forte
  • Gianni Leva
  • Marco Fini
  • Jerome
  • Sergio Leva
  • Marc Winsor
  • Joe Tempesta
  • Daniel Clou

The cover-credits, in turn, are substantially different: Monica Roccaforte, Oceane, Eva Falk, Laura Angel, Nicoletta Axin, Melissa Morgan, Chipie Marlow, Joel de Baussiant, Estrel Montiga, Karen Lancaume, Alicia Crawford, Coralie, Natasha Henzigova, Emmanuelle Pallardy, Denise Orlean, Valerie Parillant, Caterina Lievacic, Angela Pintus, Ursula Moore, Nicoletta d'Ambra, Marina Scoffato, Ursula Rei, Elodie Cherie, Sheila, Ottavia Filogamo, Donatella de Stefano, Nikky Anderson, Philippe Dean, Dino Toscani, Robert Malone, Francesco Malcom, Steve Morris, Philippe Montier, Silvio Evangelista, Gerard Bouchon, Antonio Melissa, Walter Midolo, Gerome Tiddler, Luigi Santi, David S[illegible]erman, Michele ?Prestigiamo, Ennio Teodori.

The plot is also hard to decipher for non-Italians, with numerous flashbacks to wartime episodes and inexplicable jumps. A massive exercise in self-indulgence where the sex is sacrificed to Salieri's obsession with WWII and plot-minutiae; the result is underwhelming and at times tiresome to watch. The sequence of sex-related events is as follows:

  • Newlyweds Francesco Malcom and Monica Roccaforte visit a nightclub and watch two dancers (0985/0986). For no apparent reason Monica wanders off and is picked-up by an older man. He takes her to a porno-theatre (Chipy Marlow is seen amongst the audience) and briefly gropes her; then to a peepshow where Philippe Dean works. We see Maud Kennedy dancing, and Monica joins her; a guy wanks while watching them.
  • The two men take Monica to a flat. The older man goes to a bedroom shared by Melissa and 0987, and gropes the young girl while the older woman sobs into her pillow. Meanwhile, Dean fucks and anals Monica in another bedroom.
  • Next day, in the flat, Dean gropes 0987 and gets a BJ. Brief cut to a disco where Dean and Malissa are dancing. Then cut to a lounge where Dean, watched by the masturbating Roberto Malone, anals Melissa and Illona.
  • Back to the porno-theatre. Chipy, wearing spectacles throughout, is fucked and gives BJs to a couple of raincoaters (two of the males are Dino Toscani and Steve Forrest).
  • In a stretch-limo: Malone, with Chipy, Karen Lancaume and Alighiera- les. The latter also blows Malone.
  • Brief episode where Alban Ceray watches Nikky watching Coralie and Karen smooch in a pool. Cut to a drawing-room, where the three girls and Dean have sex. Coralie wanks him while the other two do some brief lezzery; Nikky is analed and Karen goes underneath with a strapon to to make a 'technical DP'; Karen is also analed.
  • Nightclub, with Malcom and Monica amongst the audience; two girls (0985/0986 again) are dancing onstage. Ursula wanks Silvio Evangelista while Walter Midolo watches. Midolo has a flashback in which he watches Dean fuck Nicoletta Axin.
  • Meanwhile Malcom goes to the club's bar and is picked up by Eva Falk; then, in a bedroom, they fuck. Monica has again wandered off, first to her hotel-room, then Dean drives her back to the flat. After she has left and he has finished with Eva, Malcom returns to the hotel.
  • In a disco. Laura Angel and Elodie are analed by Malone and Dean. One of the dancers (0998) joins in, les-only. This sequence is intercut with Midolo in the flat, groping Monica.
  • A train-compartment, at night. Oceane is pissed-off with boyfriend Yann Scott. Dean takes suitable advantage and ends up analing her while Scott sleeps.

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