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Released: 1980
Director: Gérard Kikoïne
Notes: Ribu DVD
Alternate Titles
  • Boarding Girls' Secrets
  • Pensionnat de jeunes filles DVD available Alpha France, Blue One DVD with Initiation au collège and Les Petites Nymphettes
  • Retourne moi c'est meilleur
  • Secret School for Young Girls
  • Secrets of College Women
  • Brigitte Verbecq as Brigittte Verbeck, plays Madame Robin
  • Jane Baker plays sex demonstrator
  • Kristiane Stoll as Connie Cramer, Dagmar Merkel, Sabine Sachon or uncredited, the cyclist who has sex in a field with Dominique St. Clair (male)
  • Lucie Doll plays the girl in the shop
  • Marie-Claude Moreau
  • Marilyn Jess as Dominique Troyes, plays Christine
  • Sandrine Pernelle non-sex, bit part
  • Ulrike Lary as Ulrike Maas
  • XNK0202 as Connie Cramer, Dagmar Merkel, Sabine Sachon or uncredited
  • XNK0203 as Connie Cramer, Dagmar Merkel, Sabine Sachon or uncredited
  • XNK0204 as Connie Cramer, Dagmar Merkel, Sabine Sachon or uncredited, scene with gardener
  • XNK0205 as Connie Cramer, Dagmar Merkel, Sabine Sachon or uncredited, plays a parent. non-sex
  • XNK0207 as Connie Cramer, Dagmar Merkel, Sabine Sachon or uncredited

Males -

  • Peter Kwapinski plays Armand
  • Richard Lemieuvre plays the Gardener
  • Jacques Gateau, uncredited, plays the Director of the college
  • Jacques Marbeuf, uncredited, plays Christine's father
  • Olivier Mathot, uncredited, plays the Sex Education Teacher
  • Guy Royer, uncredited
  • Victor Semama, uncredited, plays the policeman
  • Pjotr Stanislas, uncredited, plays the taxi driver
  • Dominique Saint-Claire (i.e. Gil Lagardère), uncredited
  • Connie Cramer might possibly be a male

Christine has some misadventures on her way to boarding school (more like a reform school). After speaking to her father on the phone while he is being given head by Ulrike Lary, she witnesses a shop being robbed while the owner is having sex with a female (Lucie Doll). She is raped by the taxi driver who picks her up at the station and then molested by the policeman to whom she reports this incident.

At the college there are various other goings on between students and staff. On arrival Christine witnesses her friend (Ulrike Lary) having sex with the Director and later there is a sex education lesson with a live demonstration. Finally Christine and the other girls (Ulrike Lary, Marie-Claude Moreau, XNK0202, XNK0203, XNK0204, XNK0206) have a dinner together and Marilyn (Christine) reminisces about being gang banged. The film ends just as they are about to reverse gang bang the waiter.

XNK0205 is a parent in a meeting with the Director and Madame Robin.

DVD  35.99 EUR Orgazmik: Pensionnat jeunes filles / Initiation au college / Petites nymphettes Blue One
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