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Released: 1983
Director: Willem van Batenburg as Stanley Forest
Notes: Netherlands / USA VCA Video, Lizard Film Productions, Platinum Pictures, Inc., stars Annette Haven (iafd)
  • XNK5782 model in g/g photo-shoot
  • XNK5783 model in g/g photo-shoot
  • XNK5784 hooker at yab yum men's club, possibly Maaike Mooi (name listed on imdb for this title)
  • XNK5785 dominatrix at yab yum men's club
  • XNK5786 dominatrix at yab yum men's club
  • XNK5787 hooker at yab yum men's club
  • XNK5788 non-sex, the photographer's secretary
  • XNK5789 non-sex, receptionist at yab yum men's club
  • XNK5790 non-sex, girl at yab yum men's club
  • XNK5791 non-sex, girl at bar at yab yum men's club
  • XNK5792 non-sex, girl at bar at yab yum men's club
  • XNK5793 non-sex, girl at bar at yab yum men's club
  • XNK5794 non-sex, girl at bar at yab yum men's club

Although released by VCA and starring Annette Haven, this film was shot in Europe (in Amsterdam and on the dunes on the North Sea coast), by the Dutch director who made 'n Schot in de Roos and Pruimenbloesem. It is probable that most if not all of the rest of the cast were European, many probably Dutch.

The credits on the VCA release are:

Starring - Annette Haven

Co-starring - Abel Caine, Sidney Derko, Jackie Jones, Sandy Lane

Featuring - Lola James, Tanya Taylor, Michelle Norris, Sam Arthur

Also with - John Mann, Mark Raymond, Mike Mason, Wayne Nichols

Note that Wade Nichols (listed on iafd for this title) is not credited and does not appear.

The imdb list for this title includes some of the above names but also other names who have presumably been identified. Unfortunately there are no pictures for these performers, and, in the case of the females, the character descriptions are not very helpful. One of XNK5782 and XNK5783 could be Mary van Cleef. "Hostess yab yum men's club" (Monica Bell) is not helpful as "hostess" may well be a euphemism for prostitute, of whom there are several.

Annette Haven plays Little Miss Shirley, a singer in the process of recording an album who is haunted by the fact that she was once persuaded to make a porn film. She hires a private detective (Abel Caine) to track down this film so that it can be destroyed. He discovers that the film maker (Dirk Smiths - aka Sidney Derko?) hid it in the mattress and that the building where it was shot is now the Yab Yum club (a brothel). Many of the scenes take place there as he tries to get access to all the beds in the place to search their mattresses. Finally he discovers that the mattress has been discarded and is to be found in an old building (a fort?) on the coast, which is now being used by a rock group for practice. While Annette 'entertains' the band, he searches for and finds the film reel. They take it back to her apartment, project it and discover that her face is never visible.


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