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Released: 1985
Director: José Bénazéraf
Notes: Caballero, original French title not known (may not have been released in France)
Alternate Titles
  • Turiste procaci per fotografi Italy

Alban Ceray and Gabriel Pontello are photographers at a seaside resort. They take pictures (uninvited) of tourist couples and females, but use this old scam to get off with the girls rather than make money.

First Alban meets and snaps Esther Allen (Sophe Presle) and her boyfriend, giving them his card for them to call and receive the prints. Then the pattern is established by Pontello who waylays a black girl (XNK2153), then Alban a frizzy-haired blonde (XNK2154). These are invited back for modelling sessions.

Alban's session with the blonde is used to seduce her and Pontello joins in to make a threesome. Then the black girl is suddenly seen having sex with Alban - when did she arrive? The courting couple arrive for their pictures and settle down to watch, get turned on and join in the orgy.

Alban then works the same trick on XNK1390 and while he is chatting her up in a bar, Pontello gets Helena to join them. They invite the girls onto a yacht. An orgy takes place there which is halted by the arrival of the real owner at which the two snappers run off, but the girls stay behind.

This is unusually coherent for an 80s Bénazéraf video, apart from the one continuity error noted above. On this Caballero DVD the English sound is a British English dub complete with an unconvincing posh accent for Pontello.

DVD  20.00 GBP SimplyPornDVD: Hot Close-Ups
Video on Demand (Stream)  8.95 USD Gamelink: Hot Close-Ups Caballero
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