< Hunger Nach Liebe Teil: 2

Released: 1992
Director: Harry S. Morgan
Notes: Maximum Perversum 27 (Maximum Perversion 4 in the Eurotique release), also features Nicky Pearce and Suraya Jamal (bgafd)
Alternate Titles
  • Hungry for Love 2
  • Maximum Perversion 4 Eurotique

The screen-credits (Debby, Nikky, Warda, Dominque (sic), Eve) are very amateurishly-presented and significantly at odds with those for part 1. The cover-credits are, however, identical - and as the screen-credits for part 1 seem also to apply to part 2 it is those that have been relied upon here. (See also here and here).

From the cover: 'Eve' clearly refers to Yves Baillat; 'Crazy Boy-Girl Betty' refers to the pre-op transsexual in sc. 4 below.


  1. Debbie visits Surya at an office. Yves Baillat enters and has sex with Surya, including anal, while Debbie watches. Debbie is fucked in the missionary position on a desk; Surya gets her face very close to the action. Baillat cums over Debbie's pussy; the cumshot is virtually invisible but he pisses on her pussy and into Surya's mouth.
  2. Debbie then goes to another house where her boyfriend (?) is having kinky sex with Andrea, watched by Nicky. Nicky persuades her to leave the room and seems to counsel her, reminiscing about an experience of hers. In the flashback Nicky is at a table with two respectable-looking men; a ski-masked man comes in and fucks her on the table while the others men watch from either side.
  3. Later, Debbie appears to be taking the money of the clients at the door of a brothel. Firstly, in one room Baillat and Rodgers administer an enema to Regina; then Baillat fucks her
  4. In another room, a male buggers a transsexual
  5. Debbie has a flashback (as part 1 sc. 2)
  6. Gritt (? Hard to tell, as she's upside-down for most of the action) gives a male a BJ; Debbie has another flashback (as part 1 sc. 7)
  7. Flashback: Andrea's BJ from sc. 2 above
  8. Flashback: Nicky (as sc. 2 above)
  9. sc. 6 above, continued. Gritt (?) is fucked. Then Debbie takes over and is also fucked.

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