< Hopla på sengekanten

Released: 1976
Director: John HIlbard
Notes: soft
Alternate Titles
  • Danish Escort Girls
  • Jumpin' at the Bedside

Males -

  • Ole Søltoft plays Adam
  • Søren Strømberg plays Aksel Hansen
  • Paul Hagen plays Ingeniør Poulsen
  • Karl Stegger plays Borgmester
  • Arthur Jensen plays Hr. Madsen
  • Vic Salomonsen plays Fru Madsen
  • Bjørn Puggaard-Müller plays Ramlenberger
  • Otto Brandenburg plays Ramlenbergers assistent
  • Dario Campeotto plays Italiener
  • Tom Wilke plays Italiener
  • William Kisum plays Stadsingeniør
  • Alvin Linnemann plays Politiker
  • Steen Frøhne plays Jens
  • Willy Rathnov plays Forretningsmand
  • Valsø Holm plays Pølsemand
  • Holger Vistisen plays Kunde ved pølsevogn
  • Hans Jørgen Jacobsen plays Sportsmand på stranden
  • Ivar Søe plays Stort brød
  • Anker Ekelund plays Ung mand
  • Poul-Kristian and Bendt Reiner, credited together as Danny Drags, play the Drag-artists

Escort girls at the party -

  • Birgit
  • Alice
  • Kate
  • Helle
  • Connie "m. fl" (and others?)

Mine is the English-speaking (part dubbed) American release which is soft apart from one fleeting glimpse of penetration and some fairly explicit but non-penetrative dildo use by Anne Birch Warburg in the party scene. This is about 2 hours long, unlike the 83 minutes given for the German version on IMDB. There might be a hard version.

Ole Søltoft plays Adam, a businessman who runs a factory. He is so engrossed in his work that his wife, Maj (Viv Rau), is frustrated. His new salesman, Aksel Hansen (Søren Strømberg) is the lover of Maria (Annie Birgit Garde) who runs the Sub Rosa escort service. Aksel suggests using their services to please potential customers and thus get more orders and gives Adam their brochure. Adam is scandalised and tells his wife about it. Next day, frustrated, she picks up the brochure and rings them up for a job. Her first few clients leave her frustrated, but eventually she gets what she wants and enjoys the work. She is hired by Adam's chief scientist as he feels his son is paying too much attention to work and not enoguh to women. Finally Adam, threatened with losing an order, agrees to hold a party for potential customers. This turns into a farce as Vivi tries to avoid him, but he ends up taking her from behind unwittingly until he sees her reflection in a mirror.

XNK0208 to XNK0214 are faces from the party scene.


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