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Released: c. 2000
Director: none credited
Notes: MMV 50135

MMV's customary (and highly irritating) practice of putting totally unreliable, contradictory bumf on their DVD back-covers gives us the following, here solely 'for the record': Birgit (40 yrs old), Hildegard (48), Marlies (38), Louise (42), Erika (40), Christa (43).

The following is taken from a VOD retail site (italics), with additional comments by Len 801:

  1. Judit is sad looking at pictures of her ex husband. To get him out of her mind she sets out to fuck his best friend. Nothing takes your mind off thing like a nice cock. The male in question is played by Steve Holmes and scene is set in a dining room (facial).
  2. After a night of drinking Miriam wakes up to a bar tab she can't pay. She has to fuck her way out of this problem. The scene is set in a bar. Miriam has a pink top, blue skirt, small-medium sized breasts, average looks. The barman fucks her energetically over a table (anal, she jerks him off over her face)
  3. Aniko is attacked by a pervert in the woods. But to his surprise she doesn't really mind and actually fucks him with pleasure. She is in a large wooded area, cooking a meal over an open fire, and is being stalked by a man (Steve Holmes). He gets close to her, places her hand on his dick, and he begins to sexually "molest" but she puts up no resistance (he jerks off over her face)
  4. Katrin. This bored housewife decides to take thing into her own hands and sets herself up with a stud cock.
  5. Helga. This Swedish mama doesn't look it but she is as horny as a 20 year old and likes to fuck young guys. Watch her take it from behind in the bath tub.
  6. Piroska. This sweet granny has a sweet pussy and she gives it willingly to a bum in the park. The sex is over a picnic table (he jerks off over her hairy pussy).

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