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Notes: new compilation, stars Sarah Young

Scene 1.

Originally from Private Moments 4. Scene with Ralph Wieck, Jean-Yves Le Castel, Herert Opperman, Antje Wieck and Helen Duval. (Note ­Jean-Yves Le Castel is the only male I can correctly identify). Begins as Sarah's having sex with Ralph (unsure if/of correct name) in the kitchen, Antje is masturbating on her own in the lounge before being joined by Jean-Yves, and Helen's having sex with Herert (again, not sure if/of correct name) in the bedroom. They all finally end up in the lounge together, where they keep changing partners until the end. Includes anals, DP and facials.

Considerable re-edit (large segments removed).

Scene 2.

Originally from Private Moments 2. Scene with Franco Roccaforte and Michelle Janssen. Michelle, dressed in black leather and studs, leads a black-leather-clad Sarah into the room by a dog collar and leash. She then commands Sarah to have sex with an already naked and waiting Franco, instructing her in what to do throughout the scene. Very mild S&M/BDSM/Fetish (take your pick) theme. Small amount of gentle whipping of Sarah with dog leash.

Slight re-edit.

Scene 3.

Originally from The Golden Girl, Part 3. Scene with Kris Newz and Tony Tedeschi. Kris and Tony are two workmen re-decorating a room when Sarah comes in to use the telephone. As she's making her calls the two workmen surreptitiously admire her assets. Against the advice of his workmate, Kris forces himself upon Sarah. At first she resists, but after a short struggle gives in. Seeing this, Tony joins in and the two workmen end up 'plastering' Sarah with cum. Includes anal and facial.



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