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Released: 1980
Director: Andrea Bianchi
Notes: Alexandra Cinematografica Internazionale, 108 mins.
Alternate Titles
  • Exciting Love Girls
  • Giochi amorosi DVD available Shendene

Apart from Sirpa Lane, there are three names but eight female parts - first victim (an uncredited Pauline Teutscher), second victim (Swedish hitch-hiker - Florence Aubry), third victim (woman with basket on head), lesbian 1, lesbian 2, woman spied on through telescope (probably archive footage), older rapist's wife (Alessandra Vazzoler), younger rapist's mother. Apart from Pauline Teutscher and the women spied through a telescope, the hardcore consisted of body-doubled close-ups - that is for Sirpa Lane, Florence Aubry and XNK1347 (who could be Maria Pia Cafiero), probably shot for the same production rather than archive footage. Not all the women spied on could be captured for the unknowns.

Males -

  • Domenico Anastasi plays Michele
  • Franco Parisi plays Carlo
  • Massimo Baratta plays Giorgio Anselmi, the journalist
  • Vittorio Zarfati plays Carlo's uncle
  • Brunello Chiodetti plays Daniela's lover
  • Giuseppe Curia, uncredited, first rape scene
  • Giancarlo Del Duca plays the doctor, Daniela's colleague
  • Eugenio Gramignano plays a nurse

Presumably the first two males credited are the two rapists. apart from them there are four male parts - Sirpa Lane's lover, Sirpa Lane's colleague, the older rapist's uncle, the transvestite hitch-hiler.

This is a straight film about two rapists one of whom is also a voyeur. But it has hard core sequences added at appropriate moments. Apart from the first scene, these are all close-ups and can be assumed not to involve the actors and actresses named.

In the introductory scene a blonde (Pauline Teutscher) is forced at knife point to have sex with two men. The faces of the men are never seen, but the blonde definitely performs oral sex and it is probably her who does the vaginal too.

Then we reach the story itself. Two men drive around in a Mercedes and pick up women. The first pick-up turns out to be a transvestite and the younger man kisses and gropes and then discovers this fact and is repelled.

Next we see them on another excursion, but now the younger man is dressed as a woman. This gains the trust of hitch-hikers. The first, a Swedish girl (Florence Aubry) changes her clothes in the back of the car and is joined in a public toilet by the man in drag, where she is raped. Next a woman walking along the road carrying a basket on her head (XNK1347) is also picked up. The same thing happens to her, but she ends up in hospital where she is treated by a female doctor, Sirpa Lane.

We see the older rapist at home where he has a telescope trained on an apartment opposite where he sees a woman giving head to her lover. They take his wife (Alessandra Vazzoler) and uncle to their home in the country and, on arrival, spot two women sneaking into a barn (XNK1348 and XNK1349). The two rapists spy on these women having lesbian sex, but they are discovered by the wife of the older rapist.

Later, out in the Mercedes again, they come upon Sirpa Lane, whose car has broken down. They take her back and pretend to phone a breakdown service. She too is raped, after an attempt at seduction via booze. But she is the first to wake from their drunken stupors and she injects them to keep them unconscious while she lays out her surgical instruments. They wake to find themselves tied up and with a view of two martinis, each with two very unusual olives floating in them.

Film information added with help from Franco Grattarola & Andrea Napoli, Luce Rossa. La nascita e le prime fasi del cinema pornografico italiano, Roma: Ed. Iacobelli, 2014, pp. 327-328.


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