< La Grande enfilade

Released: 1978
Director: Jean-Claude Roy as Patrick Aubin
Alternate Titles
  • Erotic Seduction
  • Petra will es geil West Germany, Beate Uhse

Males -

  • Richard Lemieuvre, as Richard Allan, plays Alain Grévin
  • Jacques Gatteau, as Divan Ledoux, plays David Longval
  • Jean-Louis Vattier plays Bernard
  • Guy Royer, uncredited, plays Antoine

Alain Grévin (an art book publisher) and his wife Monique are expecting friends for the evening, and as they have half an hour to spare, this is just right time for a husband to give his wife a proper shave and massage. No time to lose!

Somebody rings at the door. It is Elisabeth, Bernard's fiancée. She 's ahead of time because she's laddered her tights and needs another pair. Most of us have now nderstood that Monique is the perfect host and nobody's surprised when she takes the young woman to her bedroom to help her solve the problem. When Alain offers to help the girl putting her new tights on, she faints and Monique immediately seizes the opportunity to help her husband make the best out of a fainted prudish girl on a hot evening.

The couple decide then to bind and gag her, and put her into a trunk that will be used as a table all evening. But the girl manages to remove the piece of clothing filling the keyhole and she has a good look at everything going on without the others noticing.

The first guests to arrive are a couple of girls (Gloria and Françoise) who have just returned from Japan and seem in very good terms with Monique. They have written a book that will soon be published (not by Alain) and all four fall into each other's arms, legs and mouths.

Then there enters David Longval who is just back from giving lectures in Canadian universities. He seems to be keen on oriental sex (tantrism?) and is shown the next pictures Alain is to publish.

Meanwhile, the two lesbians tell Monique that they used to be Alain's lovers and Monique tells them about her first threesome in a bathroom with Antoine and David.

The three women then have a nice session with a double-headed dildo (I don't personnaly know any dildo closely enough, but I guess that must be a tough job!)

When Monique returns to her husband to show him what a nice thing her new toy is, he decides to have a go at his wife's two friends too and leaves her with David who ends up coming on her breast exactly two minutes after first contact. (One thing Diane Dubois shall never be blamed for is her lack of hospitality.)

Enters Antoine who has a little present for Monique: a black slip. But Antoine hates David and tells him, and David leaves. In another room, Alain is busy with the lesbian couple and makes some more use of the before-mentioned dildo.

Meanwhile Monique helps Antoine feel comfortable inside her and when the three women meet again, the couple congratulate Monique on her husband's prowess and leave just as David comes back. Monique resumes a former conversation with him until he comes into her mouth (what a load! Is that for real?) and hears some strange sound (remember that fiancée in the trunk?) He leaves and Monique guesses and tell Alain that Elisabeth must be aware of what's going on around her. A ring at the door.

Enter Bernard (Elisabeth's fiancé) and Joséphine (Elisabeth's cousin). Eveybody is naked in no time and ... Joséphine takes Bernard in her mouth while Monique has a taste of another juicy place. And everybody climbs on top of each other for action.

Just too bad Claudia Mehringer didn't appear in more films for I guess she could have brought us, watchers of the past, more than one good memory. Well, to make it short, Bernard comes onto Joséphine's belly and again twenty seconds later - The funny thing is that voice directing the actors alongside the characters' obviously-dubbed voices.

Joséphine is now crying out of shame on Monique's bed and no doubt Monique can handle it for a no in such a situation wouldn't be a proper answer.

Bernard is exhausted after the encounter but Joséphine, now more confident, takes care of him until he comes into her mouth and David turns up.

Phone call from Elisabeth's father. David feels something is wrong and discovers the girl in the trunk. Monique tells him that she has become a pervert because of his books and Elisabeth tells him she had a revelation when in the trunk and watching what was going on. Now she wants to make love. So she gets down to sucking professor David Longval while Monique sucks her and Joséphine has a taste of Alain and ... Well, you name it.

David leaves, and Alain has another go at his wife while Bernard rests between the two other momen. Elisabeth phones her father to tell him she's going to spend the night with Joséphine (and Bernard). The three of them leave.

Alain and Monique are now ready for a last stand (lay ?) and Alain gives out his last drop of the day on her lips. And so to bed!

Just one last thought though - May the time of dubbed voices in porn never come back! Fear! Fear!


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