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Released: 1977
Director: Claude Mulot as Frédéric Lansac
Notes: Mixture of original and archive footage to make a coherent film. Blue One / Alpha France DVD, 2-disc set with Échanges de partenaires, La Dernière nuit, Extases extra-conjugales and Le Sex qui parle II
Alternate Titles
  • The Big Fuck ?
  • Delicias secretas
  • Das Geisterschloß der Lüste West Germany, VFL
  • Gierig, geil und nimmersatt West Germany, Beate Uhse
  • Sexual Circles USA
  • Swingers' Matinee according to Shocking Videos

It is sometimes wrongly stated that La Grande Baise is the same film as Kinky Ladies of Bourbon Street. Those who make this mistake have been misled by the fact that La Grande Baise includes so much archive footage - some of the scenes from Échanges de Partenaires and Délires).

The version I have has French dialogue, others have seen the American release, Sexual Circles. Shocking videos say 'Karine [Gambier] plays a horny housewife who has a 9½ Weeks type fling with a kinky commercial artist.' (Guy Royer) Cine bizarre seem to give a more accurate account - 'The story is of a separated couple, and the various sexual experiences each has as they both come to recognize that they want to be back with each other.' Thus Karine Gambier is Guy Royer's former girlfriend. His current one is played by Barbara Moose - and her scenes are not duplicated from other films.

Karine day-dreams of the sexual encounters she has had while spearated from Royer, intercut with scenes of Royer and Barbara Moose.

An injured Alban Ceray knocks on her door. She lets him in, tends his wounds and they have sex.

In her daydreams we see Karine Gambier walking by the lake and meeting Guy Royer out jogging. Then we see them in the shower together. A second male comes in while they are fucking and retreats after getting something from the bathroom cabinet.

Royer leaves his architects office and goes home to Barbara Moose - b/g.

Karine and Alban at breakfast - b/g over kitchen table.

This is followed by a flashback to Karine, Guy Royer and Thierry de Brem together. Royer leaves and Karine and Thierry have sex. This sequence uses footage from Échanges de Partenaires.

Next, Karine in bath and in bed with Guy Royer, again from Échanges de Partenaires.

Erika Cool gives a bj to Guy Royer in the architects office (from Délires).

Karine has sex with a male on a white chair watched by Guy Royer. Then we see Guy Royer and Siegried Cellier have sex. This is from Les Plaisirs solitaires. They appear to be watched by KG.

Karine has a threesome with Guy Royer and Thierry de Brem.

Karine and Guy in porn cinema watching the Sylvia Bourdon b/b/g scene from Le Sexe Qui Parle. Guy encourages Karine to wank off and give BJs to the man sitting next to her on the far side from him.

Next comes Karine on a circular bed with a black man - the Shaft sequence from Délires.

Moanie Meunier and Guy Royer watch Karine on TV (from Échanges de Partenaires).

This is followed by a scene between Guy and Barbara Moose. Then we see Karine and others (Dawn Cummings, Erika Cool, Carole Gire and Emmanuelle Rivière) in the orgy scene from Délires.

To continue the plot, Barbara Moose leaves Guy. Alban leaves Karine.

Then we are shown Karine's biker gang bang from Échanges de Partenaires (it was a flashback in that; so who knows where it first appeared).

Karine and Guy meet again by the lake, get back together and have sex.


Male cast: Guy Royer, Alban Ceray, Thierry de Brem, Madou Sall (archive footage 'Shaft').

Archive footage is from:

Échanges de Partenaires, 1976

Délires, 1976

Le Sexe Qui Parle, 1975 (unlike the other footage, this is meant to be a film within a film)


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