< Godefinger (Certaines chattes n'aiment pas le mou)

Released: 1973
Director: Jean-Pierre Fougea as Bob Logan
Notes: adventure / comedy / soft porn

Males -

  • Alphonse Beni
  • Jacques Couderc
  • Claude Malki

John, a very rich oil tycoon dies in Africa. His daughter Cécilia wants to bring his body back. But Rose, his widow who has become the owner of a brothel (dear old France!) tries to get a grab on his money. The will states that three penis-like statuettes tell where the money is. Rose's son, Marco, fells in love with Cécilia who tells him that the key to the mystery lies in his father's coffin. They all meet at the cemetery where John turns up unexpectedly. He had simulated death in order to be able to bring all his money back in his coffin. Everybody rejoices and all ends well.

Comments (for French lovers only): The title is based on a play on words. Godefinger obviously refers to you know who. But gode is the French for dildo. Chatte is pussy in English and mou is the French for both "soft, limp, flabby" and for the kind of meat cats are traditionally fed with (i.e. lung). So in English you should have something like Dildofinger (sorry no pun anymore): some pussies don't like limp meat. Not bad hey?

From a review originally published in Cine-films n°4, 1979, translated by Prophilo.


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