< Gamine en chaleur

Released: 1979
Director: Jean Rollin as Robert Xavier
Notes: Comex Productions, 81 mins.
Alternate Titles
  • Caresses d'une salope
  • Chaleurs secrètes
  • En chaleur VIP video
  • Filles en chaleur
  • Gamines en chaleur
  • Girls in Heat
  • Massage en sodomie mineure MPM / VCD video title
  • Monique Dir. given as Bernard Tibot DVD available Italian re-issue video title, Shendene
  • Si jeune et déjà cochonne Vidéo Gobelins / Obsessions
  • Vibrazioni calori
  • Anne Marguet as Anna Winn, plays Claire, orgy scene
  • Barbara Moose as Juliette or as Martine Semot, plays Monique's aunt, Mme Rupin
  • Cathy Stewart as Cathy Greiner (some versions), plays Yvette, the maid
  • Diane Dubois as Denise Lascene, plays Denise, orgy scene
  • Jenny Feeling as Eva Porée or as Agnes Lemercier, plays Agnès, orgy scene
  • Marilyn Jess as Marilyn Wild, plays Monique

Males -

  • Cyril Val, as Alain Plumey in some versions, plays Monique's uncle, M. Rupin
  • Dominique Irissou, as Carl Marks in some versions, plays Dominique, Yvette's boyfriend
  • Didier Humbert, as André Pastis, plays Marc, Monique's fiancé
  • Richard Lemieuvre
  • Dominique Aveline
  • Éric Roy
  • Jean-Jacques Renon
  • Jean Rollin, non-sex
  • Jean-Pierre Bouyxou, non-sex

There are no on-screen credits in the Italian video with the box title Monique.

Monique is a horny but frustrated virgin teenager living with her aunt and uncle. The aunt is very puritanical or pretends to be. The maid, Yvette, sympathises with Monique and together they peep on the aunt and uncle having sex. Yvette breaks the deadlock by seducing the uncle and catching the aunt masturbating with a cucumber in the bathroom. Her boyfriend ("Dominique") catches Yvette and the uncle in the act, and, as far as can be gathered from the events (I don't follow the Italian-dubbed dialogue) blackmails him to agree to inviting his friends round for an orgy.

Two blondes (Diane Dubois and Anna Winn) and an auburn-haired woman (who must be Jenny Feeling) arrive with an unidentified male, Richard Lemievre and Dominique Aveline, and an orgy ensues. As the orgy begins, Barbara Moose faints in shock, but is then persuaded to join in. Monique indulges in a lot of g/g groping and a blowjob but does not have penetrative sex. Someone gets a DP, but it is not clear who. At the end of the orgy another male arrives (Monique's boyfriend?) and Monique takes him on, watched and encouraged by the others, losing her cherry, and even, seemingly, doing anal.

Film information updated with help from Dictionnaire des films français pornographiques et érotiques 16 et 35 mm.

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