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Released: 2005
Director: Max Bellocchio as Alessandro del Mar
Notes: Private Black Label 39

Synopsis courtesy Private:

Brenda is a normal girl, she goes to college, she still lives with her family, and she's single. Then one day she comes back from college to find her mother fucking a stranger. She is so shocked that she runs to her father, who she believes is an airline pilot. But no, when she gets to his office at Pan An Airlines, she discovers he is a cleaner! So in her anger she puts on a pilots uniform and hops on the first Pan An flight and begins her journey of fucking around the world!


  • Monica Sweetheart, plays Brenda
  • Lydia St. Martin as Lidia St. Martin, plays Brenda's mother
  • Veronica da Souza, plays Barbara
  • Sharka Blue, plays Ramona
  • Jane Darling, plays hostess
  • Jennifer Stone, plays Susan
  • Bamboo, plays Lee Mig (?)
  • Libellule, plays Thai Leen
  • Giancarlo Bini as G. Bini (non-sex), plays Brenda's father
  • George Uhl, plays Tom
  • Diether Von Stein, plays Jim
  • Remigio Zampa, plays Steve
  • Pascal St. James, plays Capt. Goldman
  • Kevin Long, plays Capt. Collet
  • Max Cortes, plays Carlos
  • Oliver Sanchez (non-sex), plays Marc
  • Max Bellocchio (non-sex), uncredited
  • Lleron Long (uncredited, with Lydia in the prelude)

Scenes (in a prelude Lydia briefly has her pussy licked):

  1. Monica (anal), Pascal St. James. You can see here how Monica has survived for so long in the biz.
  2. Sharka (anal), Veronica (b/g), George Uhl. Ubercutie Sharka and sultry busty Veronica, perfectly made-up and shot in shaded sunshine, keep the score so far at 100%. Followed by a nice interlude where Monica leg-teases Bellocchio while Marcella makes a phone-call.
  3. Jane and Monica (anals), Kevin Long. Again, the strong sunlight is allowed not to mar the scene, but to enhance it.
  4. Jennifer (anal nng), Diether von Stein, Remigio Zampa.
  5. Monica (anal), Max Cortes. Perfectly-executed, again.
  6. Bamboo and Priva (anals), Uhl. Pristine.

An excellent effort; although there's a fair bit of plotting, one doesn't feel cheated of time in the sex-scenes, as was the case in the 'Chateau' trilogy. It'll be interesting to see how Bellocchio's technique in the sun-drenched 'Tropical' episodes he directed stacks up against this.

DVD  19.99 EUR Orgazmik: Fuck Me If You Can (Black Label) PRIVATE
   12.95 EUR Private: Fuck Me If You Can 2005/Private
Video on Demand (Stream)  9.95 USD Gamelink: Private Black Label #39 - Fuck Me if You Can Private
   9.95 USD Gamelink: Fuck Me... If You Can Man's Art Gay Entertainment
Video on Demand (Download)  11.95 EUR Private Download: Fuck Me If You Can 2005/Private
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