< Una Famiglia perversa.. DVD available

Released: 2003
Director: Max Bellocchio?
Notes: Salieri, 82 mins, 'produced by Ursula Cavalcanti'
Alternate Titles
  • Die Brüder Dir. given as Jack Crawler DVD available Golglight
  • Une Famille perverse ... DVD available Colmax


  • Steve Holmes
  • Silvio Evangelista
  • Horst Bosch (H Baron)
  • Ramon (R Nomar)

Len801 writes:

"My description is based on the Colmax French-language version. It is not entirely clear to me who all these characters are and how they are connected to each other. Steve (Steve Holmes) and his brother (Horst Borsch) are two rich, libidinous and spoiled brothers.

  1. Horst is sleepless. He wanders about the house and finds a semi-nude female guest, Rita, sleeping in a bed. He caresses and fondles her and fingers her pussy. She wakes up and puts up a very weak resistance. They engage in mutual oral sex. She stops and goes to get a blonde friend (Dora) to join in in a 3-some. Anal for Rita and Dora. He jerks off on Rita's ass.
  2. Intercut and occurring in different rooms, the first pairing involves Tara and her lover Ramon in a bedroom (anal; Ramon jerks off on her stomach). The second pairing involves Agnese and Silvio in a sort of kitchen (they engage in regular oral and vaginal sex, and he jerks off in two coffee cups). Agnese appears to be some sort of servant/employee of the two brothers and Evangelista is her SO.
  3. Agnese serves the two brothers in their study the two teas, which are not consumed right there and then as the two randy males are too busy pawing and molesting her. While Steve is screwing her vaginally and anally in doggy over the table Horst drinks the "tea". Horst only gets a handjob from Agnese, and at the end both Steve and Horst jerk off over her face.
  4. In a living room Tara is entertaining the two brothers by playing the piano. Apparently she is "auditioning" for a job, but of course the brothers want a desirable and willing female for their sexual needs, to which she has no objections. They start having sex, and while Tara is blowing Steve the maid (Gaby) has been watching from the corner of the room, and Horst "invites" her to join in. The two women get into some lesbian coupling, and the two men do a double vaginal penetration on Tara. Then the two men each fuck the two women on couch and on the floor (Horst is paired with Barbie and Tara with Steve). Steve jerks off on Tara's pussy and Horst does the same with Gaby.
  5. Some time later Steve suffers a fatal heart attack, and Horst is seen in very poorly condition sitting in front of the mansion, with Tara now having practically taken over the running of the household. Supposedly this is to signify that the two men have reaped what they have sown, by taking advantage (sexual and otherwise) of servants and other female characters they have encountered along the way.

Final thoughts:

  • The scenes are well lit and photographed.
  • The women are attractive.
  • The plot is very weak and the movie title is somewhat misleading, as no "incest" really occurs, other than the two brothers having sex with comely women. The sex for the most part is rather "coerced" and insofar as it involves the two brothers, who are unsavoury and boorish. To some extent it diminishes the heat of the scenes they appear in. Perhaps the first scene with Venter and Rita comes off better than the rest, as the two women engage in more "nasty" sexy and appear more willing participants than all of the others".

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