< Fetish - Perverse Erfüllung

Released: c. 1998
Director: Harry S. Morgan
Notes: Videorama

Opening credits:

  • Philippe Jaqulinet (Ph. Soine), plays Robert Bossy
  • Katarina Martinez, plays Domina "Lady Martinez"
  • Katrina Roos, plays 'Junge Sklavin'
  • Renate Butow, plays 'Mädchen an der Kasse' (an iron-haired mature- the 'Mädchen' is stretching things a bit)
  • Daniela Grundmann, plays 'Reiterin'
  • Rebecca Rose, plays 'Nachbarin'
  • Susan Witt, plays 'Klistiermädchen'
  • Hanni Kovac, plays 'Service Girl'
  • Iris von Prezlau, plays 'Frau in Latex'
  • Brigitta Weiss, plays 'Frau in Latex
  • Anja Vogel, plays 'Jungfrau in Fabrik'
  • Stella Heck, plays 'Frau in Bistro' (in the version under review there are two brief interludes set in a bistro, but in neither could any female be seen)
  • Carmen Bozeta, plays 'Sklavin in Fabrik'
  • Robert Rosenberg, plays 'Muskelmann'
  • Bobby Robin (Boby), plays 'Muskelmann'
  • Marco Weiis, plays 'Pferde Mann'
  • Klaus Golden, plays 'Männer im Bistro'
  • Freddy Reich, plays 'Männer im Bistro'
  • Harry S. Morgan, plays 'Geschäftsmann'
  • 'Special appearance': Isabelle Golden

'Junge Sklavin' probably refers to Iwana. In the intro to this scene Soine is led into to the room by a briefly-seen brunette dressed in latex- this may be the 'Service Girl' or (less likely) 'Junge Sklavin'.

In the 'Fabrik' scene a red latex-clad female is DP'd- this must be either 'Sklavin in Fabrik' or (less likely) 'Service Girl'. What can be seen of her face and body bears a remarkable similarity to Monika Ticha.

There are also (at least) three mature non-sex females present- Renate Bulow (also seen earlier, in the sex-shop) and two others, presumably Iris von Prezlau and Brigitta Weiss. A fourth non-sex female may also be present here- with the rapid cutting and too-brief views it is difficult to tell. Overall there seem to be rather too many female aliases and roles for the available cast.


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