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Released: 1981
Director: Gilbert Roussel as James H. Lewis Jr.
Notes: Cinévog
Alternate Titles
  • Frutto adoloscenti

Frutto adoloscenti is the title in brackets on the box. Copyright 1981 on screen, 1979 on the box. This video came from an Italian source; so the title and credits may have been lifted from another film, though most likely the credits are correct and the title was added later, either as a re-issue title or a fake one. Evidently this was originally shot on film and in widescreen.

The credits are: Cinevog Présente; Florence (a different though similar font with different colour text and background); réalisation James H. Lewis Jr; Chatsy; André Kay; Joanna Barasci; Nicole Lo; M-Thérèse Clement; Christophe Mann (assuming the credits are correct this is Jacques Gateau); Copr. 1981 Les Films du Chevain, Visa Ministériel No. 53.251. The box lists Carol Love, Mariette and Lola Pouchard as performers. These are probably fake names.

It is difficult to make head or tail of the scenario, but there are four females with the two men in what might be a small hotel or a villa. The blonde (Nadine Roussial) seems to be Jacques Gateau's secretary. He might be an author.

Scenes -

  • Brunette 1 (XNK0528) and André Kay
  • André Kay appears outside with brunette 1, reddish-brunette 2 (XNK0299) and brunette 3 (XNK0529, looks a bit like Fanny Noel)
  • Brunette 1 and brunette 3 - g/g - joined by André Kay
  • Jacques Gateau at his desk with Nadine Roussial and brunette 2
  • Brunette 3 serves tea to Jacques Gateau, then he looks out of the windo and sees a naked brunette 1 going into the next room through the front window. He peeps on g/g scene with brunette 1 and brunette 2.
  • Brunette 1 and André Kay again peeped on by Nadine Roussial. Brunettes 2 and 3 catch her and drag her into a room. They gag her and a lesbian threesome follows.
  • 3 brunettes naked by pool doing calisthenics.
  • Brunette 3 and André Kay.
  • 3 brunettes and André Kay then Nadine Roussial and Jacques Gateau come and join them.

[Compare story to Partouzez-moi.]


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