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Released: 1984
Director: Michel Berny as Michel Barny
Notes: Video Marc Dorcel
Alternate Titles
  • Madam Sophie's Favourites VTO 4002

Males -

  • Christophe Clark
  • Joachim Zell
  • Gilles Vital or Gil Vital on the box
  • Peter Renald
  • Rene Ernse or René Enser on the box
  • Gerard Luig

Sophie is a student who is fending off her boyfriend when they are trying to study when she gets a phone call from a lawyer. It turns out that she has inherited a large house and its cotnents from a relative who has died in a car crash with a man she had just sucked off while on the repair ramp of a garage.

At the house, Sophie (Doris Sommer aka Doris Champs-Dete) finds that her relative had been a prostitute who had kept a diary, which she reads - cue flashback of her relative (Karine Hornel) with another blonde (Anne Karna) and a male client.

The doorbell rings and a client assumes she is a prostitute and forces himself on her. Having been turned on by the diary, she is now turned on by the sex and the money.

She reads on - and we see Karine Hornel giving oral sex to a man dressed as Hamlet, holding a skull and reading from the play (in French).

Sophie decides to ring up the old clients and we see her with Hamlet, taking it from behind.

Another flashback shows Karine Hornel having anal sex.

Sophie is employed by an older man to initiate his son and another client (Gerard Luig) wants to dress up as a Sheikh and have Sophie wank him off under the table in a crowded restaurant..

Christophe Clark shows up. He is the son of the man who had died in the car crash, a client of Karine Hornel, and is looking for the diary. Sophie denies it's existence at first, but does go out to dinner with Christophe.

Her next client is a woman who arrives dressed as a man. (Patricia Pasquale).

Sophie falls for Christophe. She gives him the diary. They get married and drive off from the house. They pull into the same garage on the way ...

DVD  24.95 EUR Orgazmik: Les Faveurs de Sophie Marc Dorcel
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