< Fantastica Moana

Released: 1987
Director: Riccardo Schicchi
Alternate Titles
  • Moana Pozzi und das Spiel mit den Geliebten 2018 DVD available Tabu, 60 976; see Notes

Female credits: Moana Pozzi, Lana Howard, Susan Turner. The last two names are stock-credits used in several Schicchi/Pollak films of the period.

Males -

  • Luigi Soldati as Leslie Pollack
  • Roberto Malone as Bob Malone
  • Gabriel Pontello (uncredited, but the central male character)
  • Christophe Clark (uncredited)
  • Rocco Siffredi (uncredited)

The Gabriel Pontello character is obsessed with Moana Pozzi, who appears on billboards and in magazines. Every time he sees a similar-looking woman he imagines that she is Moana and fantasises about having sex with her, on his own or with other males- or does have sex with her and imagines that she is Moana. Moana herself undergoes periodic 'fugues' in which she writhes around on the ground displaying her pussy- these presage/precede her next sex scene. There is substantial switching between (apparent) fantasy and reality but it is usually clear to the viewer at each point whether it is Moana, or one of her avatars, that is involved:

  1. Across the opening credits, Moana and Clark have sex.
  2. Pontello's obsession with Moana is illustrated by posters of her coming to life before his eyes; meanwhile the real Moana bathes, then pees.
  3. Clark and Siffredi in an office, with Feline. As she starts to fellate Siffredi under the table, Malone and Soldati enter the room accompanied by 0114. An orgy ensues: Feline is fucked, 0114 analed.
  4. Out of doors Valerie appears, wearing a long white shirt; Pontello leaps on her and they have roughhouse sex. A brief doggy-anal shot is included - if genuine, this would be the only evidence for Valerie doing anal known to the reviewer. Although shot from the rear with the face not visible, the left hand is in-shot and it bears a sapphire/diamond wedding-ring identical to that usually worn by Valerie (see her Gallery). Meanwhile Moana is seen wandering through town, then making a phone-call; she then enters her fugue state and, as Pontello nears his climax with Valerie, Moana (in the identical shirt) is magically substituted- anal, facial.
  5. Moana, in a bar; the entire male cast is present. A curly black-haired waitress (6696) appears and is briefly groped. Valerie is then seen by the pool-table, now with a different hairdo, wearing a pink jersey dress; she is fucked briefly and in turn, by Soldati, Malone and Siffredi. Pontello has a vision of the identically-clad Moana, who gives Siffredi a handjob.
  6. Moana, in a long red dress, is seen at a farm; she flashes her bits before Pontello's eyes (or his imagination). An identically-dressed skinny blonde (Emma) appears and the screen-images toggle between the two; she is seized and dragged into a barn by by Pontello, Soldati and Malone- they roughly fuck her anally and then Pontello pisses on her and attempts an anal fisting. Cut back to the red-dressed Moana; Pontello, now on his own, drags her into the barn and fucks her.
  7. Emma, still in her red dress, is now dragged by the three males into a factory where she is suspended by chains from a pipe then briefly analed. The scene now substitutes identically-dressed Moana, alone with Pontello- b/g.
  8. Indoors, a lounge. Clark and Siffredi; Valerie, Moana, Feline and 6696. Moana enters another fugue; Valerie is groped and gives a BJ, Moana is then DP'd. Feline and the waitress interact only with the females.
  9. The box-office of a theatre where Moana is doing a live show; Pontello, Siffredi and Clark have an altercation. Brief clips of Moana's show- she is wearing a striking skimpy red outfit and matching high boots. Cut to Moana in her dressing-room; Pontello bursts in, with the others attempting to restrain him. In reality or fantasy Moana, still in her costume, has briefly-shot sex with Clark and Siffredi.

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